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Officially, let me welcome you into 2021 by saying Happy New Year. Indeed, 2020 was a YEAR, a year so strong they named it twice “20”-“20”. (smiles)

2020 indeed took alot from us, at some point I thought maybe is because we asked too much from her. Because without a doubt, we all entered the year 2020 with so many expectations – goals and objectives without seeing the coming global pandemic.

So as you review the previous year, don’t be too hard on yourself. Of all the losses, our hope for a better new year is intact. Be grateful. We made it this far. Many never did.

2021 offers us new clean slates, let’s be wise. 

From my personal experience, new year resolutions are not the way to go.

Last year has many of us facing a dilemma we can’t seem to get past. It’s really nothing new. It may feel different this year, but it’s the same thing that happens every New Year.

I actually call it… The Vicious Circle Trap.

You know like a treadmill (you call it daily grind), just going round and round without any way to get off… stuck in the survival of the fittest syndrome.

Well, it’s been happening to a lot of people.

And in some ways, that’s just life.

But in many ways, it doesn’t have to be.

Think about it  … 

How many times have you made a long list of New Year’s Resolutions only to find that come January ending, you’d already given up all but one or two?

And then again in April, if not earlier, your Resolutions have been completely vaporized – abandoned and unrealized.

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Then you did say to yourself, “I’ll just wait until next year to start over again.”

Or maybe, like so many Vicious Cycle sufferers – you get back on the wheel, start going steady, and then fall off two weeks later. And that same cycle continues over and over until you feel completely exhausted.

That neverending cycle can leave you feeling stuck and hopeless like you’re going nowhere. Like you’ll never get off the wheel. Like you’re doomed to be in a New Year’s Loop for the rest of your life.

But it’s not true.

The problem isn’t that you’re doomed to repeat the same start and stop resolutions for the rest of your life.

The problem isn’t even that you lack WILL POWER.

The problem is that you’re thinking about your New Year’s Resolutions all wrong.

Look at this …

What do YOU  think of first when you start to make that long list of goals and dreams you have for the year of your life?


It’s sort of like when a child makes a Christmas wish list for Santa Claus. 

And goes …

Dear Santa, this year for Christmas I want a shoe, a toy box, an iPhone, a cat, a dog, a white coat … and the list goes on.

The list of demands and wishes gets longer and longer, and the understanding of just how hard it is for Santa to find a cat becomes uneasy to get.

So, my recommendation is that you make a change this year. Instead of making resolutions like always – wishlist, you should try making what I call a “KEEP – STOP – START  List” (KSS List).

The “KEEP – STOP – START  List” (KSS List) formulae guarantee to keep you accountable and realistic about all you can achieve this year.

Here’s how it works:

First, ask yourself this simple question – Does this support the life that I’m trying to create?

Then you take the time to reflect on last year and your outcomes.

Were there any resolutions you kept? Why did you, if there is any?

And then you get started on your new year list.

1. What things in 2020 have supported the life you’re trying to create?

  • Maybe it’s a new hobby you picked up during the lockdown.
  • Perhaps it’s something business-related.
  • Possibly it’s family time that helped you feel grounded and aligned.
  • Or someone important in your life that offers direction.

These are the things you’re going to KEEP for 2021.

2. What things in 2020 haven’t supported the life you’re trying to create?

Maybe it’s your health, stress levels, toxic relationship,  living, or working environment.

Whatever those things are, they’re the things that you’re going to STOP doing in 2021.

And finally,

3. What things will you start doing in 2021 to support the life that you’re trying to create?

These are things you don’t have on your KEEP or STOP lists, and they’re most likely the things you will accomplish for the year – your new agenda.

But remember! 

You want them to be practical, reasonable, achievable, and supportive of your overall life goals and values – that is, in line with the life, you desire to create for yourself. These are all of the things you’re going to START.

So, the formulae again are;


It’s that simple. 

It’s a better way to make sure the vision for your New Year is something you’ll want to continuously work for and eventually accomplish. Even if challenges arise on your way.

…And especially if you’ve found yourself falling victim to The Vicious Cycle Trap.

Get off the circle … start on a clean slate now.

All it takes is a KEEP, STOP, START list.

You can do this. I have no doubt that we can. The journey is progressive.

Cheers to a great 2021.

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