Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. How about we look into key traits for achieving greatness at whatever you do? Exactly what we are doing. So, go through the following list.

Great leadership excites people to achieve extraordinary things and this makes leadership among the highest traits of humans who have a high tendency to be great.

Every human was born with the potential to be extraordinarily great. There are no exceptions to anyone nor anything special about anyone at all…although, it is our responsibility to build our lives of greatness. These principles and characteristics are for anyone who is striving for greatness. These qualities though unique are not in the DNA of any person. They are simply human traits that anybody can choose to develop. Greatness is an open task, which is open to anyone and it begins with these traits.

Measure yourself against these 26 attributes and ask yourself how you can lead with your very best qualities:

1. Authentic

 Be the real and genuine version of you. You are to learn from those ahead of you not to become them and lose the real version of you – that makes you unreliable and undependable. You are controlled by your inner-man that carries your greatness so don’t try to confuse your inner-man by going in an unknown direction. 

2. Be Bold

Take the bold step, don’t shiver at the sight of risk, don’t become indecisive. It might be a scary decision but if you can see even only a faint light at the end of the tunnel, don’t fret, remain bold and take that step.  

3. Character-Driven

A lot of times, character is chosen over talent, because talent can be groomed to get better but a person with a bad character drops the value of talent. Character sits well with people and makes them feel at ease with you.

4. Decisive

It is important that you perfect your decision making ability, on the path to greatness, there are lots of tough decisions to be made. So while you’re getting determined, you cannot afford to be indecisive at critical moments.

5. Engaging

Know how to engage yourself and engage others. Don’t be left out of any happenings and carry others along…on the way to becoming great, you will need people because you can’t do it alone. 

6. Fearless

You can always accomplish anything if you have gotten over your fear. A fearless man is a great man because he doesn’t chicken out of any situation

7. Goal-oriented

Goals are a guide to help you not to lose focus of your purpose. They are the governance to your greatness. So set your goals and be driven about it till it is accomplished.  

8. Humble

A humble leader is respected and adored. Be humble enough to accept your mistakes and listen to the opinion of others. A humble leader will be seen as a great man.

9. Inspiring

Let your way of life, intelligence and mannerism of approach to any situation inspire those around you. A great man is one who makes greatness of those who surround you…making greatness off others begins by inspiring them to do better. 

10. Just

Be truthful, be fair and do not toss aside equality. You can only be a great man indeed if others think of you as a great man not just in your acquisitions or success.

11. Knowledgeable

Don’ lag on information. Be knowledgeable, detailed, learned, and know something about everything so that people are drawn to you for their own enlightenment and insight based on your knowledge.

12. Listener

Good leaders speak; great leaders listen. When you’re listening to others, you’re learning from them.

13. Motivating

Be the reason why people will make the right decisions and they will never forget you. Be a motivator, if you must, be a mentor and encourage those around you. 

14. Noble

To be a great man, live in a way that is worth emulating, live like a king. Be a leader in character and value.

15. Optimistic

Be optimistic, an optimistic leader is seen to be confident, cheerful and positive, and the hope to his followers.

16. Progressive

Keep moving. No man is an island…there’s still a lot that you don’t know so don’t stop learning, growing and thriving to be better than you were yesterday.

17. Qualitative

Be of good quality, don’t be quantity driven. Be the best of your kind and layer it with value. You’d naturally be respected when you are all about quality. 

18. Reliable

Be good to people, let them know they can always count on you to come through for them during both the good and bad times and be consistent at it. Lead by example and live by your word to be dependable.

19. Supportive

Don’t forgo people because of one or two of their weaknesses. A great leader stands by others, takes them by the hand, supports them and leads them through the right path. Be the reason some people persisted.

20. Trustworthy

This trait is one that’s built over a period of time. When you stand by people and lead them all the way, when they look at you and see positive traits, they tend to get comfortable with you and thereby, trust you. However, this is an act that humans will prefer to be reciprocated.

21. Unbiased

As a great leader, there’d definitely be enough voices to speak to you, many opinions, versions and level of understanding but it is important to be as unbiased as possible. Pick out the best voice and let people also be pleased and satisfied that you picked the right opinion and also, it is important to give a chance to everyone at the right level to air their opinion. Don’t be partial.

22. Visionary

The ability to look into a number of years from where you are and speak confidently about it because you have written your vision and been running with it is a trait only great men possess. Be a man of vision who knows where he is going and is not confused about it because of a few challenges.

23. Wise 

Be a man with great wisdom, speak less and listen carefully, learn to pay attention to your intuition before making a judgment or reaching a decision. Wisdom always attracts.

24. Xcellent

In whatever it is that you are doing, always apply the excellence rule. Dress we, speak well, eat right – let all areas around you exude excellence.

24. Yearner

To yearn is to have a strong desire – a great man will always yearn for growth in all areas of his life. What you did is for yesterday, to gain another one for tomorrow is how you grow. Don’t give up on yearning for growth, there is no limit to greatness same also as there is no limit for growth. Always yearn for more.

25. Zealous

Be full of fervor, diligence, enthusiasm and interest. Be full of life and power to attain your desires. Make others see the zeal in you, don’t keep it on the inside, zeal in a leader is a different level of motivation for those who are looking up to him.

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