Thats me, Daniel Ajumobi and I enjoy talking Business over Lunch.

To start with, I strongly believe that 3 things to keep private & VERY personal are my;

1) Love Life
2) Income
3) Next Move.

And I sure do KEEP them highly personal.
I love my Bae and I won’t trade HER for anything in this world.

But I’m sharing this because it’s just my Side Hustle, not my main Income.

Last year (2019), I made N3.5 million from this side hustle and while I was busy swimming in the EUPHORIA … my Mentor dropped the BOMB!

He said; I made a little over N15million from this as well. And that’s actually N1.3m per month (sweet right).

Let me remind you that we are talking about our SIDE HUSTLE … not main.

And then it done on me, If side hustle could fetch me N3.5m and N15m+ for my coach … then If we pay more attention to it, BIGGER BUCKS like BANK ALARMS instead of Alert can come in.

So, I made the decision to give 50% of my time to it, instead of the former 10% attention.

And the interesting thing about the Business is that, If 5000 of you decided to join the list of us already exploring, the market won’t still be saturated.

Infact, It’s such work that you can even DO from HOME. No Jokes.

Yh…let me add that im a fitness enthusiast … hoping to grow my 6packs one day – wink

My target at the moment is N3m per month from this source of income alone.

I don’t want to write much and I don’t want to bore you. Because for me … i just started.

But what I want you to do is hear directly from my Coach/Mentor. His got bigger proofs than I Do.

He made a FREE training about this source of income (VIDEO) just for you.

Personally I sat down with the video for 3 hours, meaning I watched it twice … My advice for you – DO THE SAME, IT’S WORTH IT.


And Thank Me Later …

Hmm… will share the 2nd source of income after you are done digesting this one… atleast you will have an option to choose from.

I await your QUESTIONS after you are done with the video training.



8 thoughts on “MY TOP 2 INCOME SOURCES FOR 2020”

  1. Kosisochukwu Benjamin Madukwe

    wow so this stuff really works well this much? nice. please whats the second one?

  2. Wow! This is amazing. I love this. I would love to be a part of this great initiative. My name is Olowoyo Taiwo

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