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WhatsApp is the new money making machine…

But you don’t know that and even if you do, you’re not maximizing that information to the fullest.

Here’s what I mean…

Over 33 million Nigerians use WhatsApp on a daily basis.

What does that tell you?
WhatsApp is fast becoming a money making machine and the earlier you hop on this train, the better.

In this report, I will show you why WhatsApp Marketing is very important to your business, as well as common mistakes most WhatsApp vendors are making which usually results in low sales and frustration.

Now, this report is for you if ;

  • You’re a business owner but you’re not making as much sales as you would love to
  • You want to start selling on WhatsApp but you are not sure how to start, or what to do
  • You want to learn how to sell any type of product on WhatsApp ranging from Digital products such as; Information products, Affiliate products, to Physical Products such as Fashionable items and even Food items, or anything you think can be bought and sold.
  • You want to learn a proven method of selling on WhatsApp that has and is still working for top Nigerian online marketers such as Adewuyi Tamilore.

I could go on and on but the simple fact is that this report will help you make a lot of money selling on WhatsApp.

First, Why WhatsApp?

  •  It is the most used instant messaging App globally with over 33 million users as Nigerians alone, I’ve not even talked about globally.
  •  All phones come with WhatsApp installed in their phones which means everyone has to activate it at one point or the other whether you use Android or an IPhone. It has become a necessary tool for communication in not just Nigeria but also Globally.
  •  90% of your audience spend their time on WhatsApp; it’s almost the first thing they do every day. The average WhatsApp user spends over 195 minutes daily on the app everyday.
  • It is also one of the easiest ways to get information and always stay on the minds of your customer.
  • It helps you build the KLT formula which is the Know, Like and Trust Formula. Basically, this means that no one can view your status except they save your contact and you save theirs. When this happens, they are able to know a couple of things about you through your status and you’re also able to know what they’re about through their status too, this is the “know” stage. WhatsApp helps you to build that KLT factor so your customers know that they can trust you with their money.
  • People are also more free on WhatsApp than other social media platforms because this is basically the platform they can interact easily with their family, friends and loved ones. There’s no packaging because these people already know you. As opposed to Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, tik tok and the likes, there’s a lot of packaging so no one really knows who is who there. People are more down to earth on this platform; once you have a person’s WhatsApp contact, you can almost see how they see the world through their WhatsApp status, that’s amazing right?

These are more than enough reasons why you have to include WhatsApp in your marketing efforts as a small business owner.

Moving on, the following points are common mistakes WhatsApp vendors are making and how you can avoid making similar mistakes that will hurt your marketing efforts and impact negatively on your sales via WhatsApp.

Let’s go;

– Caption-less Status Update: This particular mistake is something a lot of vendors do that pisses people off but then they won’t tell you, rather they’ll just view it and pass and then the vendor will be wondering why he is not making sales.

People like being told what to do so you can’t just upload the picture of a bag or a wrist watch without putting a directive on what you want them to do after viewing the status.

Something else that falls under this category is DM for price; it’s tiring to “DM for price”. I mean what if after they have sent you a DM and they don’t have that kind of money, what now happens? It would now seem as if they raised your hopes only to dash it on the wall.

Secondly, clearly outlining your price helps you filter the kind of people who will contact you for details. A prospect who cannot afford your price will know not to contact you for details for a product he can’t afford. This would help you save valuable time because rather than trying to close unqualified prospects, you will spend more time talking to qualified prospects.

Another issue with this is that your viewers would be thinking you are a fraud, that you refused to clearly outline the price, so you can inflate the prices any way you want and end up ripping off your unlucky buyer. This is not how you want to be seen.

Rather than say DM for price, clearly stating the price of your products makes it easier for both the vendor and the buyer.

– Uploading more than 20 pictures of different items you’re selling: You know the honest truth,  most people don’t view it. Infact, I personally have had to mute a couple of these vendors because I see no reason why you should do that. So rather than ask you why, I’ll just mute you and that’s what other people are doing which is why you’re not making sales.

This should be where WhatsApp business comes into play, you can add whatever new stock you have to your catalog and rather than upload all the 20 on your status at once, it’s better to upload 2 and send them to view your catalogue, it makes the work easier for both you and your customers.

– Another one is begging People to buy what you sell: This is a very terrible move and is totally not acceptable. Oh you make say you don’t beg people but let me give you an example;

You woke up after 1 week of not selling on WhatsApp and decided to post whatever you sell and your caption to the post is “if you don’t buy, I won’t have money to pay my school fees” or something like “patronize me or I’ll not eat” or “come and buy or I’ll go back to my village“.

The honest truth is it may sound like a joke to you but you’re begging and sincerely what’s the reason why anyone should pity you? Afterall, we’re in the same country with the same bad economy so why should yours be different?

If people must buy from you, you must give them a reason to, you must give them a reason to trust you, you must give them a reason to spend their hard-earned cash on whatever you’re selling. So this particular mistake must not be repeated if you want to make sales.

– Another thing is only selling to your friends and family: So here’s the thing, if your business must flourish, then you must learn how to reach more people. I mean your friends and family would buy but they may not get you as much as you’d like to make from WhatsApp which is why you have to find a way to reach more people. Only your 104 contacts won’t get you the kind of money you’re looking for. Like Mr Toyin Omotosho would say the money you’re looking for is in the hands of strangers so why limit yourself to just family and friends?

They may not want what you’re selling and you won’t force them to buy what they don’t want right? This mistake is one of the most common mistakes amongst WhatsApp vendors and the solution to this is Advertisement but then again, there is a way to advertise which I will show you.

There are many more mistakes people make selling on WhatsApp which explains why they’re not making as much as they’d love to which I have not mentioned here but why learn from mistakes when you can use the blueprint other people have used to make money from WhatsApp to also make money from WhatsApp no matter what you decide to sell?

I’m saying if you want to start making money from WhatsApp, you don’t have to repeat these mistakes and if you’re already selling on WhatsApp but not making as much as you’d want to because you’re making one of these mistakes, there’s a blueprint with which you can learn how to sell through WhatsApp and make tons of money selling to both your contacts and strangers.

This Blueprint has worked wonders for me and about 100 other Nigerians and I’m so certain it’d do the same for you.

This Blueprint was put together by Mr Tamilore Adewuyi and he has used this Blueprint himself to make tons and tons of money for both himself and his students of which I’m actually not left out.

Here’s what Mr Akin Alabi has to say about this course;

Here’s also what Mr Toyin Omotosho has to say about this course;

And these men are the 1% of the 1% of internet marketers in Nigeria and if they can give such raving reviews about the WhatsApp Marketing Success blueprint, then you know this is a course every serious WhatsApp vendor must have.

This course was created by Mr Tamilore Adewuyi, he is also an internet marketer who has done millions in revenue just by selling on WhatsApp and has documented his entire processes into a blueprint for every serious internet marketer who wants to sell successfully using Whatsapp.

The steps outlined in his blueprint has helped not just Tamilore, but his students make serious money selling on WhatsApp.

Just take a look at the testimonials below to see what I mean..

A lot of people are even now realizing that WhatsApp is a gold mine and should be utilized maximally.
Now this blueprint is for you if you are serious about selling on WhatsApp, and actually making good money from it.

Whether you are selling information products, Physical Products, Fashion items, health products, etc… This is guaranteed to work for you as it works for others, as long as you do the work and implement it.

The WhatsApp Marketing Success blueprint is the answer you need to questions like;

– How do I make more sales on WhatsApp?

Or How do I get people to reply to my status and buy from me?

Or How do I get quality prospects?


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