Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Today, I’m sharing with you steps to restart your life.

The reality is 2020 has changed life as we know it. You will agree with me. If anyone tells me in 2019 that face mask-wearing will be a big deal in 2020 – of course you know my answer. But here we are. The world is in lockdown, Staying indoor becomes the new normal. People have lost family members, friends, jobs, and businesses to the pandemic. And many are thinking, how can I start all over? Where do I start? Here are a few actionable insights to get you up.


Be grateful for the things you have left despite all lost. Be thankful for the little things that seem too small to be relevant. As humans, we are always carried away with our needs that we lose sight of things we have and solely focus on what we don’t have. The first and most vital step to restarting your life is kickstarting with an attitude of gratitude. Ofcourse, I’m aware it is easier said than done. So, what do you do?  Start small, start with a gratitude journal – pen down all the little things around you that brings you joy, and get into a grateful circle – people with a positive outlook in life. And before you know it, your restarting goal is within reach.


The journey to restarting your life takes a lot of courage and I say it’s a huge decision you’ve made. The steps you take while restarting matters because you don’t want to repeat the error-circle. So, starting small is key. You are in competition with yourself and no one else. So, start gradually. Start with whatever you can change immediately. Anything as little as your diet. Remember, healthy eating is connected to happy living. E.g if you are emotionally drained. Start eating foods that boost your emotions such as walnuts, bananas, beans, avocado  and so on. All these are great food to help your body fight depression. Also work on your sleeping pattern. And lastly,  give something no matter how small to any cause  you believe in or anyone you feel is truly in need. Giving gives to you a relief nothing else can give.


Admitting our failures to ourselves is often the hardest part of our journey. We are so quick to point fingers and try to blame others for our misfortunes but there comes a time when we have to accept responsibility for ourselves. And that starts with writing down where you went wrong in the past and what exactly stopped you from moving forward. Define on paper why you have a desire to  move forward and restart your life. Is it circumstantial or psychological (external factors or something internal)? Analyse and list your obstacles, and then your strategy to overcome those obstacles. Moving your demons out of your head into a paper by writing them out makes your overcoming strategies easier to execute. 


What you feel and say are clues to what is about to manifest in your life. Ifyou keep telling yourself you can’t do something well, congrats…  your request granted, you won’t be able to do it. Become your rhetoric by changing the message you send to your subconscious. Change your inner message to yourself. It’s no easy task, but possible mission. Start with revoking negative or discouraging conversations happening inside your head. Take intentional control of all thought processes and replace them with your desired outcome. 


Often we live or mingle with toxic people without even realizing it but these are the kinds of people that you don’t need when restarting your life. You need a tribe that will back you up, support you and encourage you. Don’t waste your time trying to be friendly with those that always see negativity in every situation, same with those that constantly criticize you and bring you down or always busy bad mouthing others. Keep off such folks. Constructive criticism is great and you will know when it comes from a place of love and respect and when it doesn’t. Avoid the people that play the victim role, people who are jealous, who waste your time and keep disappointing you. Remember your Restarting goal, breaking up and staying far from toxic people is essential when restarting your life. Invest your time in things and people that bring you joy and lift you up as opposed to those that bring you down.


I don’t enjoy over using clichés but this one speaks volumes “Amazing Things Stand On The Other Side of Fear” – quite true. Because more often than not the only thing holding you back from restarting your life is fear. We all feel it, we fear the change, we fear what others will say, we fear failing, we fear the unknown. But if you’re in a position to change your life by restarting and you decide not to, then you’re living a life of fear and not the life you desire. So, Start Brave. Just take the first step and only you can tell what that is because it will differ from person to person. Decide what it is for you … if you want to change careers start doing what you love as a side project and then grow from there. Be Brave.


It’s easy to see someone living their best life and think they were handed on a silver platter.  We don’t always see their journey from scratch, we don’t know about the many failures they encounter before making it big. And the truth is those failures regardless of their numbers don’t even matter anymore because all we see is success. Get a mentor or coach to help you along the path of restarting your life. Someone you can trust, someone who won’t always tell you what you want to hear but will be honest with you and tell you what you need to hear. Your mentor or coach doesn’t need to be someone you know either it could be a well-known person whose valued goals and heart matches your own. Look out for the syncness. 


You will agree with me that clarity is critical, and when you make a decision to restart your life, precision is a vital component in the process. You don’t want to gamble around what you want or don’t want. You want to be damn sure that you want this. And once you cross that bridge of clarity – knowing exactly what your change process will cost, then give it all. Make sure the foundations you build matches your end goal. Be critical with the process like you did with the choice. Stop making excuses and just what needs to be done. And lastly, be prepared for backlash or resistance from people (family, friends and foes) but stick to your goals because they are worth it.


Whatever your reason for wanting to restart your life, make sure you are patient with yourself. Change doesn’t happen overnight. So, if you’re serious about effecting the changes you want, you need to be ready to tolerate delay by exercising patience with yourself and those around you. The harder you work at this goal, the greater your chances of success. But you can’t just sit back and expect things to work out the way you want them to.You need to devote yourself to the task at hand and you need to give it your all, because there’s absolutely no point in going for it with a half-hearted attempt because then you’re just wasting your time. If you want this legitimate second chance to take off, only you can do it. Your self-discipline and self-control must be A+.  Then  start small and work your way toward bigger goals. When you start feeling the satisfaction of attaining the smaller goals, you’ll manage to work your way up to the bigger ones. If your restart in life is diet-related and you’ve managed a day without eating unhealthily, you’ll be motivated to do two days in a row, then one week turns into two weeks and one month turns into two months and you go on and on. And as a greatness partner, once you’ve managed to achieve your restart in life which I’m convinced that you can, remember to give back. If someone you know is about to restart their life, act as their mentor or inspiration and they will in turn give back as well and so the greatness cycle continues.


As humans, we are fond of using excuses as refuge. And the most common I have heard is – I’m too broke to Restart my Life. Listen up, I got goodnews, you don’t need all the money in the world for a fresh beginning. You need to look at your current financial situation with an honest friend, a mentor, or anyone you can be accountable to. You need to see where you’re going wrong with your finances, most especially if your restarting goal is money-related. You’ll need to be honest about why you don’t have money? Are you spending money on junks, excess food or unnecessary shoppings? Where can you cut back? Can you work a bit harder in your current employment and try to get an increase in a few months? Can you update your skills to put yourself in a higher earning bracket? And again, you have the opportunity to leverage a mentor/coach to help you override your unhealthy money habits and use this time to focus on where you can save and gain some financial traction in your life while remaining focused on all the important things that money can’t buy. 

Here is the end of this masterpiece. Meanwhile, before I close this session. I want to ask you as a Partner in Pursuit of Success, have you restarted your life from scratch before? What was the experience like for you and what support systems did you have in place? Was it worth all the sacrifices you made?

Please, take few seconds and share your experience with other Greatness Partners in the comments below. It’ll be of value to the Success Seekers Community.

It’s been a long read. I appreciate you for sticking to the end. And for this, here is a bonus. To inspire you and let you know you are not alone, here are people who lost everything and restarted all over until they made it. They include famous author Mark Twain, Martha Stewart and the late Steve Jobs but James Altucher who is my favorite wrapped up the situation beautifully. He founded a web design company in 1996 which he sold for ten million dollars, just two years later after a series of bad investments he lost everything and after nearly committing suicide he came to this realization he couldn’t judge his self-worth by his net-worth. He has since made his money back as a hedge fund manager and is a popular pod-caster and blogger. Remember, it’s never too late to start again.

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