Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. So, today I’m sharing tips to prevent hurting people with your words or betterstill, call it communication errors to avoid.

2020 has had a lot to offer to everyone therefore, communicating with others this season should be given a lot of attention. We all misspeak sometimes but the great leaders are borne out of people who take great caution while communicating. Take your time to study the below errors to avoid moving to the wrong sides of people due to what you said, how you said it or what you did.


This occurs mostly when you’re talking to a group of people whether two or more. Everyone has different experiences so therefore you can’t speak to a crowd the way you ought to be spoken to based on your own experience. Like they say “it is he who wears the shoes that knows where it aches”. Some are quick to understand while some take their time to understand, so patience does it in such situations. We all have our numerous needs and expectations so if the communicator is not meeting or surpassing our level of understanding, you can’t say you have communicated. If you must address a group of people even if it’s just a person, pay attention to their emotions at that time and speak the right words. If it’s a group, develop a strategy through your words that will help you reach out to everyone in the best way possible.


Usually, as humans, when we are faced with hard times or challenges, it makes our tone quite edgy but the tone at which you speak can almost be said to be even more important than the words you spoke. The tone sends a nice word to the receiver as a rude word. The popular phrase used by people “you’re crazy” is used during jokes and yet during anger, the only differentiating factor in both situations is your tone. Words are only servants to the tone…the tone is responsible for how your message is received. So regardless of the tough times, try to tone it down a little…do it with all consciousness. If you feel you’re sounding quite edgy, take a pause and take a deep breath before you speak.


A high percentage of people are already weighed down by the events of the season, so conversations can be quite difficult and edgy as a result of our emotions.

Any conversation that seems difficult for you should be avoided by all means. Don’t get into it because you most likely have the tendency to tone up and thereby, leading to arguments or misunderstandings…. Although avoiding such situations won’t always happen all the time, there are times when you can’t run away but face it. In such situations, you have to carry out a difficult conversation with clear feedback and not making your tone edgy. So, always plan for that and train yourself for such days.


Not all that’s on your mind should be said. Not even during this challenging 2020, keep some of the things on your mind to yourself. You don’t have to give your opinion or share your thoughts when you’re not asked to. If you must speak your mind, you must put into consideration the wants and needs of those around while also minding your tone.


Lastly, silence they say speaks a lot of words and there is power in just a few words. You can be the kind of communicator a lot of people need right now. Lending your ears to someone who has a lot to say to them is an awesome level of communication only a few manage to get to. To be in control of any situation, you must be a god at listening and speaking only a little. Listening makes you empathic and understanding thereby, preventing unnecessary misunderstandings.

If you will go ahead and put the following tips to use. I bet you will become a master communicator.

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Or even just your opinion about the topic.

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