Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Below are key elements to consider in creating a great first impression.

Regardless of how much you will or may eventually have to offer a person or an organization, the first impression you give on the first day will most likely go a long way in reducing or increasing your pace at accomplishment, so the importance of a good impression at first meetings, interviews, party or a get-together can never be over emphasized if you must move at the right pace you deserve to achieve your desires at the right time. 

Do you want to make the people you meet instantly feel more comfortable?  Do you want to make the people you meet feel instantly valued and respected? Interested in making a great first impression? How do you make a great first impression in a genuine and rewardable way?


Always ask questions and keep eye contact. Use the right facial expression for what is being talked about and give response – not so much verbally, but non-verbally. That’s all it takes to show the other person that he or she is important, and is worth listening to.


No one is tired of being commended, taking the spotlight, taking all the accolades and receiving enough praise. Know how to take the topic about you to the person and shift it to someone else strategically. It’ll make them feel important and not only will people appreciate your praise, they’ll appreciate the fact you care enough to pay attention to something commendable about them including when you’re meeting the person for the first time and respect and love you for making them feel that way.


Dressing decently cannot be boxed because dressing is inspired by a lot of things e.g occasions, mood, etc but always dress to impress, dress to stand out. Don’t go overboard, weird or too comfortable, just ensure you fit the occasion in a way that you won’t be irritable to the sight of both male and females. Be on top of your game – be classy and beautiful. If it’s an event don’t try to dress better than the host including if it’s a get together, remember we can’t have two brides in one wedding – just keep it simple with classy.


When meeting a person for the first time, do not get distracted even if they seem boring – don’t start checking your phone, don’t steer out the window, don’t focus on any other thing even if it is for just a moment. It is a skill only a few can practice – your full attention should be offered at every first impression moment.


Be picky about your words, choose the right words. The words you say impact the attitude of others. Your words which you pay a little attention to, is the limit of what only a few can cope with. Every other thing might be manageable but words are too powerful to be managed so when meeting a person for the first time, be extremely picky about your words. Don’t ever play the sarcasm game even if they do. And if you must, be kinda smart about it.

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