Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. We all have fears as human, fears in differs capacity and areas of our lives, but the differentiating factor is how we handle our fears. Here is a tip to look straight into the eye of your fears.

If you have been avoiding everything and anything that scares you, you’ve been robbing yourself off the taste of victory. Avoiding things we fear makes our fears get bigger in our mind. Facing our fears can help make us stronger. Every human has got one or two fears but you won’t see it because they have looked the fear in the eyeball and made it understand that it was nothing they couldn’t trample upon. Fear is more of an illusion that a reality. Keep scrolling to see how to trample over those fears.


If you’re in the moment feeling scared about something, It is really hard to think clearly. Take time out to calm down – you could try a relaxation exercise such as yoga. Sometimes, we tend to admire people who are quick to action, but being deliberate, creating a plan, and pacing yourself are also actions… remember what’s good for the goose may not be good for the gander…take time to devise your own means. A huge number of successful undertakings has been threatened or ruined by haste. When fear strikes consider whether the right action could be to research the choices and make a wise well thought out choice instead of jumping to what seems right in the heat of the moment. 

Just take your time to relax, think, prepare, and practice before you go all out.


Try talking about your fear with someone you recognize and trust. There are things we would never do for ourselves that we would quickly and fearlessly do for others especially those whom we really care about. Hyrum Smith, the co-founder of FranklinCovey, once asked a mother in his audience during a presentation if she would be willing to cross a standard metal placed from the roof of one skyscraper to another. She said no, she wouldn’t. He asked her if she would roll in the hay for $1,000,000 dollars, and added that now there was a touch of wind and a few raindrops falling. She still wouldn’t. Then he told her to imagine it was holding her son over the edge of the opposite building, and if she wasn’t there in 10 seconds it would drop the child. What does one think her answer was under those circumstances? 

Having a reason to conquer fears oftentimes shrink them down to a size we can deal with. So, search for a reason.


hink about how you could break down the fear into more manageable chunks. If you’re scared of crowds, public speaking etc., for example, you could try finding a small group to be in for a little while – like a queue. Then, you could try to maintain eye contact with one or two people on the queue. Once you’ve accomplished that, you could try going to a mini-bigger event. You could also be scared of height, look for a tall building and keep standing at the balcony daily starting from the first floor, and before you know it, you are already on the 50th floor only to realize that you didn’t fall. Now, this won’t totally wipe away the fear but have made you realize that you can’t fall afterall. At that point, you looked your fear in the eyeball and it did nothing to you. Your fear might never disappear completely, but if you retain trying you’ll find out how to manage it. It cannot disappear in a day. “If initially you don’t succeed, then try again.” If you’re afraid to try to do something again because it didn’t compute the last time, find out why it didn’t work, and try a different method like going up the balcony with a friend so you don’t freak out before you give up. Keep taking all the little steps then someday you will realize you have taken a leap. Don’t give up too soon and don’t be so hard on yourself. That old saying still stands “little drops of water make an ocean”.

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