Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Remember the popular saying – tough times don’t last, yeah true, but the part missing is that too many people quits before the tough time ends.

So, I’m sharing a little tip to help you be among the 3% that won’t give up but fight to the end. Here are few hacks on how you can inspire yourself during tough times.

Understand that you are your own number one inspiration. Relying on external inspiration is highly limited. Staying inspired during tough times required deliberate action and the majority of it can only be done by yourself.  When it seems like everything’s over, you will need to inspire yourself to keep going in the midst of many sucky situations. 

As a human, you’ve got a lot on your hands and shouldn’t allow one challenging experience in a day to ruin your plan. Else, you lose lots of time meant for productivity. In an effort to help you avoid that, here are a few ways to inspire yourself to keep going regardless of the tough times.


Stop everything, look into the mirror and tell yourself “I’m definitely not stopping here, I will not stop.” And that’s it. There is that strength and reassurance that comes from simply declaring your intention to keep going that affects the actuality and event in your life, this is why you must be your biggest fan so when it gets tough and it seems like there’s nobody around anymore you can still be your cheerleader and cheer yourself up.


This will help you when planning your next move. Tell yourself that it is a bad time now but I’d be coming out of it really soon. If you can accept the reality of the situation, you take control and weaken the effect to hold you back. The remaining 50% is developing and working on your realistic and achievable action plan so you do not set yourself up for a mountain you can’t cross over.


What you take inside will eventually reflect on your outside. Remember, “Garbage in, garbage out”. Stay away from any bad news, anything that will further feed you toxic should be strictly avoided without thinking twice about it. If you keep getting negative vibes then you will continue to suck at it all. Everyone defines “negativity” differently but in this scenario, it is what is constantly reminding you of the bad times and keeping you from moving forward. Shut them out.


Visit your success journal. Some of the awesome things you’ve done, your wins, your accomplishments, your memories, pictures even as a kid could empower you and help you to stand stronger and stay focused. Lean on them, they are yours after all, take solace in them and build energy from it. They help you to push ahead.


Give yourself a treat, get adequate rest, get enough sleep, take time to exercise e.t.c Give yourself the gift of love it’ll help as you move. Love yourself in good and bad times. Let the love and care you pour on yourself be unconditional and that will be a secret weapon. 


As it is popularly stated – a problem shared is half solved. So, talk to someone about whatever it is you are going through, you don’t have to keep it in. Talking is a great stress relief alternative,  so try it out and see yourself scaling through your tough times.

Remember, tough times don’t last, only tough people do. And regardless of your present dark times, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Drop your opinion and share your experience as related with the topic of discussion.

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