Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Been awhile, quite a number of projects on ground and missed two days without posting an article. So, today, how about checking out few hacks to increasing productivity. Pretty sure, we all want to achieve more within the tiniest of time we have.

As you read one more article on how to be more productive, remember you have to always be kind to yourself and every of your errors because inevitably mistakes will always come around. You shouldn’t expect to increase productivity overnight.

Most small business owners frequently function between a variety of roles running their enterise. Creating a balance and effectively managing available time is extremely important to them and in order to achieve this and make the most of the available time, you should implement a time management plan to ensure productivity. 

You’ve definitely spent years nurturing your work habits – both good and bad, consciously or unconsciously and they won’t just change overnight. Little and gradual adjustments will lead to more lasting changes, but those may take time and discipline. It looks very easy when you’re reading a productivity article such as this.

How productive can you be when you have so many tasks to juggle? Below are tips and tricks to leverage and save time and also get more done.


Don’t overwhelm yourself or over-do it. Make sure the time and feasibility of the list is well calculated because you don’t want to over-stretch yourself. To-do lists usually fail because we make them way too complex or the tasks are unequal. Some tasks will take an extended time, others won’t take any time in the least . This creates an unbalance in the way we distribute our time making it all impossible. What happens then is that our to-do list then becomes a procrastination tool. Yes, that’s right. Because then we do the straightforward stuff, then become really distracted on the hard stuff.

So in making a to-do list, always consider the short term and long term goal and your to-do list can then carry a little of what needs to be done about achieving both your long term goal.


With every new project, plan or assignment given to you, it will definitely or may seem too large. But once you start breaking it down, little by little and realizing what can be accomplished and getting closer to the bigger picture you’ll notice how each part builds upon the other and this will begin to act as the drive to see the beautiful end of the assignment.

One of the easiest and most practical things you can do is to break down your project or tasks into smaller goals. What are the pieces and assets needed? What is the cost needed? Break up these pieces before even setting timelines and making plans then estimate how long they’ll take you to accomplish. Having a good understanding of the project or assessment, putting the steps in place and then estimating the time needed will help you get a grasp of what’s being asked. Sometimes what seems like a big project won’t take much time at all when broken down. Breaking it down will help you see how productive you are at each step of the way.


Remember, always take one step at a time. Remember the law of osmosis? It starts from lower concentration to high concentration. That you are moving from a lower point does not mean there’s no high point for you. You just have to focus and achieve excellence in the little steps you broke down that massive project into.

One of the major ways to focus on important tasks as suggested by a top human resource manager is to apply the 90-90-1 rule. This is done by committing the first 90 minutes of your day for 90 days to the most important task. It will help focus your priorities during the day.

It’s a very practical rule that will help you to be productive all day without losing focus.

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