Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Today, I’m sharing tips to step up your people skills.

People skills are those soft skills that are most sought-after most especially in the business world. A lot of times,  we must have heard how people skills make you the favorite over the knowledgeable. But do not get this wrong, people skills won’t take you that far if you refuse to acquire knowledge somewhere along your journey to water your people skill. There are different types of people skills but the followings are some that come highly recommended to be the favorite at any gathering or meeting. Many of these skills are interrelated and they are essentially responsible for making people always want you around and could even cloud their sense of judgment just to keep your company.

 “Good people skills allow those who are simply smart to distinguish themselves from those who will actually lead,” according to the career coach Roy Cohen. These skills help you to stay out of conflict while still yet getting people to always spend time with you. And the list starts with;


No matter how moody, sad etc… you feel; never forget to wear a smile even if you have to fake it. Smile conveys confidence and offers warmth to those around. There is no other skill you want to have that will help you pull off without a smile. For example, if you are a good communicator and thereby, a public speaker – how much of an impact would you think dropping all your well-rehearsed polished English school of thoughts will make without a smile all through your lecture, there’ll definitely be whispers from the audience wondering why you haven’t smiled all day. Now,  it’s not because what they want to see is your smile, they definitely gathered for your insight but the smile is what gives the “feel at ease, I’m also a human like you” feeling. So, Put on a smile always, it’s the leading people skills you will need.


A smile makes you approachable but how you communicate makes them stay with you. One of the rules of communication is “do not speak because you want to speak but rather because you need to be heard”. If what you want to say or do is not required or necessary for the ambience  then don’t say it… just keep it to yourself. Now, if you must communicate out of importance, ensure you are clear and fluent enough (this is where your knowledge comes in) so you are adequately understood and your point well delivered. This is a critical skill, both in business and in personal life. When you are able to speak and write to capture people’s imagination, then trust me that you’d always be wanted around to wow them because you have taken communication to the next level. So until then, keep improving your communication skills by reading books that’d help you communicate better and listen often to lead communicators.


In every way possible, attain knowledge. Be vast. Have a valid story about yourself and the ideals you represent. Don’t be lost to the point where you are so quiet and have nothing to say. Do you remember those A-students back in school and how other students flock around them? That’s it! You can speak to the point that the whole room will be all left with their mouth widely opened, amazed at how you know all that you know. For example, the moment big brother Nigeria 2020 started, there were two people who got the first set of attention – Dorathy and Laycon. Dorathy for her feminine features but people were really wowed at Laycons’ knowledge and brilliancy when he spoke. Which definitely got him fans to keep him in there till date. Do not underestimate the effect of knowledge on people’s skill, they both go hand-in-hand and shouldn’t be separated. 

Knowledge is the topping to your ice-cream of skills earlier mentioned. So, get all and get more.

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Drop your opinion and share your experience as related with the topic of discussion.

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