Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. I have drop this today. I see too many people enduring a situation they are suppose to enjoy – mostly jobs/vocation. So, here are few hacks to help you enjoy what you do better.

A lot of people today work for the money and thereby find it hard to enjoy the job and their life in general. They suddenly get sad and tired when it’s time to leave for work including on a Monday morning wishing they did not have to go but for the money!

When you don’t love your job, you’re going to be on the losing end. Remember how you did not like that teacher and therefore never passed his course well enough? That’s just how poorly you are likely to excel at your job if you don’t suck it up and begin to love your job. If your organization realizes it they can always replace you – do not let this happen until you are ready to move on.

This has happened to a very high percentage of people however, a number of others have learnt how to enjoy their job, thereby enjoying their day and their life. Don’t allow your dislike for your job to steal your joy. 

Look through the few hacks below to learn how to turn that vocation to an everyday vacation for you. Let’s go.


It is definitely not as bad as you think, there’s definitely something to love about the job you don’t like just like there’s always light in the tunnel even if it’s at the end. Now, it’s up to you to find the beauty or what there is to love about your job and when you find it, you can spend your day looking forward to that particular event. This will give you the strength to tackle the tough parts without thinking much about it. Consider things like your coworkers, your stimulating assignments, opportunities for learning, the respect or other consolations aside the money.


This can be either in your organization or another. If there is a team where you think you can rather work then go to the HR to confirm if there is a way they might need volunteers so maybe you can join in during your overtime hours. If it’s in another organization maybe a non-profit one just take the step of going to speak to them and work the time in which you’d be available out with them. Looking forward to your volunteering may save you the stress and help you get by the day in your office, and most likely make you wear a smile all day. Helping out at a nonprofit gets you out of your own head which swamp of negativity and allows you to gain perspective on others’ needs. When the volunteer effort is initiated by your employer, it builds relationships with co-workers (and perhaps your boss), as you’re employed side-by-side to form a difference.


If you do not love your job then it’s very likely that you’re not working in your field of study (degree) – to begin to love it then you have to grow at the job. Take courses that are related to the job, study a lot about it, do assignments and as you have more questions to ask about the job, your passion will most likely begin to shift towards the job because your curiosity about the answers to your questions will make you look forward to the job every day.

Make it a practice to read daily updates, follow up with trends and happenings around your job. This may help you find reasons to love and build your interest around your job. You can also set up a Google Alert to notify you about the latest news in your industry. Being updated will most likely inspire you to think of projects you might be able to nominate yourself for at work or start on your own.


A little more to your smile, building up good relationships in the office, having one or two friends will definitely help you look forward to your day in the office with a smile. Yes, the office should not be a place for gisting or some kind of friend zone but having that person to walk together with for lunch breaks, meetings, to the subways etc… will go a long way in improving your love for your vocation. 

It has been proven that people who smile and laugh at work are more engaged in their jobs. And the more engaged you’re , the happier and more enthusiastic you’ll be. This won’t just trickle down to the quality of your work; people will want to have you on their team and also, couldn’t we all use a laugh? It’s a medicine for the soul at least.

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Drop your opinion and share your experience as related with the topic of discussion.

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