Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Building a meaningful and lasting rapport is essential as we coexist to thrive. So, below are few rapport hacks for you to try out.

While it’s easy to build rapport with friends and acquaintances, it’s not equally easy within a new circle or gathering. But the truth is, you really can find ways to build trust, loyalty, and a healthy relationship with just anyone. You are also likely to have something in common with someone you meet if you check the right places without getting weary.

The reality is, we are all different from each other. Our nurture, nature, and culture naturally build a barrier for easy rapport building. Nevertheless, we are not limited by these factors, in fact, we have all that it takes to break the barriers and build the best of rapport ever.

Below are key rapport hacks you can leverage to build rapport with anyone anywhere. You will most likely have to cycle through a variety of topics before you hit on something that you both connect on but the list below is the basics you will need before you can even skim through at all. Let’s go.


If you struggle with feelings of low self-worth, you may have difficulty building rapport. You will falsely believe that other people are better than you and they are not interested in you, and perhaps that you do not deserve to be in communication with them.

Healthy self-esteem is essential to building a meaningful and lasting rapport. You have to invest so much in yourself until you see your self-worth skyrocket, and on that level, you will be able to stand in defense of your true self regardless of contrary beliefs. This step can not be skipped because it dictates every other move you make about you.


If you have good self-esteem and you are able to ask this simple question it will be a decision maker to help decide if you could build a good rapport with a person, the answer to that question will either let go of your past fears of the difference which you thought could hinder rapport between you and the person or give you the reason why you do not need rapport with the person. This question should be the advert to building rapport instead of what you see on the outside. It is the picture-painter, it erases mistakes based on your perception of others. 


As humans, whether we like it or not – black skin or white skin, we are all the same. If you have ever had a conversation with one or two people whom you once felt were above humans and all picture perfect – all high and mighty, may be based on their accomplishments and what have you, you must have been a little bit shocked to realize that there’s almost nothing special – they do everything and say everything you think they could never do. 

So treat everyone with humanity, don’t box how you treat anybody at all into a corner … apply the same level of humane all-round No one will be so comfortable with you treating them differently from others and that will hinder good rapport. Check for the indicators that make the other person humane and build on it.


You must appreciate something about the other person, it will help the conversation and the rapport in turn. If it seems so hard to find one then it will be hard to build a conversation talk less of rapport. There is something good about everyone, so search for it and appreciate it. 

This will help you to converse and blend well with people regardless of their background and sphere of life. It’ll give you the ability to have a good rapport with anyone. There is definitely something to admire about everyone. Even your so-called “enemies” have admirable traits, even that colleague who annoys you in ways you didn’t know were possible has some admirable features in them which you can build on to start a good rapport.

If you are able to approach every conversation with such a mindset, you will be able to build rapport with almost everyone.


Listening has been an underrated skill. As a society, we are not intentionally taught how to listen  because we spend most of our time being on the defensive having to speak up and defend ourselves so we end up having to listen to defend instead of having to listen to understand well enough before speaking up. When we are not distracted by technology and devices, sometimes we prepare responses while the person with whom we are engaging is still speaking.

Listening is a skill that only a few possess and it signals the esteem at which you hold the other person, and everybody loves the person who is always ready to listen, thereby respect them and making them have their say without countering it or be on the defensive. So this skill will help develop a rapport with almost anyone because everyone wants a listening ear. 

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