Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Today, let’s take a journey through self esteem boosting. It’s essential as it affect your overall outlook of life. It impacts how you treat people and how you are treated in return.

Self-esteem is responsible for your confidence level – whether high or low and it is borne out of how you see yourself, the opinion you have of yourself, and your self-definition. 

A healthy self-esteem will increase positivity about yourself and about life in general. It gives you the energy you need to deal with life’s ups and downs and vice versa. A healthy self-esteem is literally an asset to use in journeying through life and not failing as an end result because it’ll help you not to give up easily.

The worse you feel about who you are as a person and all that concerns you, the lesser the motivation to build your self-esteem because you already feel you are not worthy of things your mind cannot comprehend and this makes it easy to find yourself in a cycle of negative thoughts.It is very important to get out of such a cycle and start moving yourself towards a positive direction. Many persons built low self-esteem during childhood when you could do nothing about it, but you have to further grow into better ways of seeing yourself regardless of your age. Low self-esteem will affect your social orientation, will cause you to stop trying new things and avoid things that you think are challenging most likely because of the fear of failure which when not tackled immediately can eventually become a long-term problem having an harmful effect on your mental health and affect your day-to-day life.

Improving your self-esteem is a process, and it won’t happen overnight, you can get it started and keep it moving till you get there. Here are 26 ways to boost your self-esteem quickly in order to start feeling very confident as soon as possible.

  1. Recognize what you’re good at and build on it. 
  2. Learn a new skill – it’ll help you feel competent.
  3. Do something creative to make you see things from different angles.
  4. Challenge your limitations.
  5. Face your past without panic.
  6. Challenge your beliefs
  7. Face your fear in the eye.
  8. Push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone.
  9. Be strong on your values.
  10. Pay attention to your appearance.
  11. Learn to be assertive
  12. Start saying “NO”
  13. Know and set your boundaries.
  14. Let negative thinking people go
  15. Build positive relationships
  16. Quit worrying about what others think of anything about you.
  17. Be kind to yourself and get yourself what you want
  18. Read something motivational.
  19. Help someone – give to charity
  20. Become responsible for someone – like a mentor
  21. Do not stop listening and learning.
  22. Accept failure as a part of growth
  23. Regain your integrity
  24. Give yourself a challenge and begin work on it
  25. List your accomplishments and place them where you can see it daily.
  26. Define success in your own terms.

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