Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. So, have you ever nurse the thought of becoming an innovator? Does the idea of becoming one scares you? Or you just keep wondering, are innovators super human? Let me help you with the break down. Anyone, you inclusive can become an innovator.

Innovators are leaders who are not tired of using their brains, they are great thinkers, wild dreamers with bold hearts. Innovation is the creation, modification or recreation of a greater model of anything at all. There is no sector of life where innovation is impossible. We have highly successful innovators like Faraday, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk and many others … sounds like they are super humans who got things that you don’t have because when you ask yourself questions like how could they come up with such great ideas… repeatedly. How did they even think about it? We still have no answer to them and yet they are still innovating and changing the world from the way we know it.

Back to the question above … The answer is, Question.
Surprised … yeah, Question. Or let me say the answer is A.S.K – Always Seeking Knowledge. 

If you do not question anything then you cannot innovate. Something as little as why is water bland? can’t we drink sweet water? Why can we only send typed messages to those overseas and can’t we also see them? The answer to the question in that form is what we call innovation. If you are the type who is so comfortable with everything you are given and just ends it with a thank you, sorry you can’t be an innovator. Don’t mind the “thank you” … lol – it is not the problem but your deep satisfaction and zero curiosity without a sense of questioning even is the reason why you are not innovative.

Being innovative does not require a special kind of skill neither are innovators special species of humans, it is just curiosity that differentiates us – the act of questioning things – everything.

Applying the following factors will trigger your innovative sense into action.


It sounds stupid yeah? But great ideas always sound stupid and even crazy, so never toss it aside. If someone ever told you years ago that there’d be an airplane that would fly about 3000 feets for over 10000 miles and more, you must have called the person crazy and probably told him or her that he must have dreamt of a bird overnight. Even today I still get amazed at the science behind the flying object whenever I see it fly.

The thing is, those “crazy” ideas are where most of the innovations come from and those that are called innovators today are called so because they believed the reality of the word “crazy” idea.

Do not markdown ideas that excite you but seem a little nuts, the least you can do is try it out.


Innovative leaders are expected to be fearless but this is not so because we are all humans and we all have the ounce of fear in us as long as we are still living but the difference is some persons run from their fears while few others will rather face it and not give up based on a feeling that is just an illusion.

Elon Musk once said in an interview “I wouldn’t say I’m fearless. In fact, I feel fear quite strongly. But if what I’m doing is important enough then I just override the fear”.

Ride over your fear, you’re a stronger version of you as compared to a piece of your feeling. Successful innovators let their fears exist, but never let it affect and dictate their decision-making. They feel it the same way you do, but they keep on going anyway.

Sometimes, fear is a sign of something great.


Be well informed. One of the reasons you doubt the possibility of that idea is because you are not well informed…you are not up-to-date because in almost every 24 hours there is always an improvement and if you are informed about it then you’d know that, that idea of yours is needed urgently or will be done by someone else if you keep slacking. 

The thing about ideas is that they are not owned by anyone but the crowned owner and innovator becomes the person who worked on the idea to become useful and tangible. So, ideas aren’t something to stall on. The moment the relevance of that innovation is confirmed it is important that you get to work on it immediately otherwise before you say “Jack Robinson” (lol) someone else will already have the innovation out there,…so be up-to-date per time.

Read, read and read, dive into topics areas you know nothing about – an innovator doesn’t have the luxury of being  a second behind information, they cannot stop learning because it is from what you know that you can improve or get an idea… you cannot say you want to innovate what you have never heard of . They follow passions and interests that might not make sense.

Staying informed will place you on the lead of idea generation and cross breeding of ideas and when you take action on those ideas with results, you become an innovator.


Sit with the right people, choose your friends wisely – be intentional about the process, distance yourself from those who are negative and demotivators because such people will not see anything positive in your idea – they have a thousand reasons why that idea of yours is not possible or feasible. 

Innovators know that they can never stand alone, they can’t do it alone and they know they need people but they can’t afford to be around “dream killers” so they get very picky of those they keep round. They are termed proud by some but they know well enough the importance and role of friends in your life – they can make you or break you so why not choose those who would make you. Don’t be afraid to keep yourself away from those who are toxic and do not be apologetic about it. You need people who would help you build not those who would break you down.

Successful people surround themselves with those who inspire them so it is important that you check your friends and associate list today. Are they making you or breaking you?

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Drop your opinion and share your experience as related with the topic of discussion.

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