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at the Tony Elumelu Foundation 2016 Forum

As confirmed in the image above, I became a Tony Elumelu Foundation Alumni 4 years ago after applying and successfully went through the training and forum and then finally got my seed funding of $5000 which helped me secure my farmland. And between then and 2019, I have assisted over 50 entrepreneurs through my articles to successfully apply and join the TEF Alumni network.

So, as opposed to some comments on social media about TEF programme not been real with their selection. I’m here to tell you that the programme is valid and the selection process is legit. I’m a proof incase you need one.

As an Alumni, you have plenty other opportunities including attending Mr. Tony’s birthday like I did

This particular post is to help you apply successfully for the 2021 TEF application and get your own chance of accessing a life changing opportunity of $5000 which is non-refundable (free money), impactul training and a million dollar worth of networks.

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Before I start, Let me update those who apply in 2020.
Corona Virus affected alot last year including the TEF 2020 edition. Below is the update from The Tony Elumelu Foundation for 2020 successful applicants.

Clearly stated that if you get a SUCCESS email for 2020 application. You don’t need to apply again.

All you need to do is check your email for the next step to take as you are automatically in for TEF 2021.

Now, for you the new applicants.

The following are the CRITERIA to apply for TEF 2021;


3.1. The Programme is open to all Africans (as defined) who are aged 18 years and above.

3.2. All Applications must be for a Business Idea or a Business which must be for profit, focused on one business area only and must be the original idea of the Applicant.

3.3. The Business or Business Idea must not be for any illegal or unethical purpose.

3.4. The following categories of persons are not eligible to apply:

3.4.1. Employees from the Tony Elumelu Foundation, companies within the Heirs Holdings (HH) Group, affiliates of HH and their Immediate Family Members either individually or as part of a Business.

3.4.2. Employee of companies affiliated to the Tony Elumelu Foundation who have been involved in the creation or administration of the Programme and their Immediate Family Members.

3.4.3. The Promoter’s consultants, agents and companies affiliated with the Tony Elumelu Foundation (and employees and Immediate Family Members where the consultants and agents are companies) involved in the creation and administration of this Programme.

3.5. Research institutions, faith-based organisations, government agencies and Businesses not located in Africa will not be eligible to apply for the Programme.


4.1. Applications for the Programme shall open on TEFConnect from 12.01 am (GMT + 1) on January 1 2021 (GMT + 1) and close at 12 midnight of the 31st of March 2021(the “Application Window”).

4.2. Applicants must create an account and complete an online entry form by answering a series of mandatory questions and uploading the required documents (including identification documents).

4.3. Upon submission of the Application, an email confirming receipt will be sent to the Applicant within 1 business day. Once submitted, Applications cannot be altered or amended.

4.4. Only Applications received during the Application Window shall be considered. No corruption of, defect in, failure or delay in the delivery of any email, text or other form of communication to or from the Promoter will entitle an Applicant to an extension of the Application deadline, or otherwise entitle an Applicant to make any form of claim.

4.5. Applicants are not required to make any purchase or payment in order to access TEFConnect, submit an Application or become eligible for the Programme. For the avoidance of doubt, the Programme does not include any costs of a personal nature not explicitly set out in these Terms and Conditions.

4.6. Only one Application is permitted per Applicant for a Business Idea or Business.

4.7. All Applications must be made directly by the Applicant behind the Business Idea or Business being submitted for the Programme.

4.8. The Applicants are responsible for ensuring they are able to participate in the Programme as set out in these Terms & Conditions. They must also (in the case of companies/partnerships/co-ownerships/joint ventures) provide proof of consent from partners, directors and shareholders for their participation as representatives of a Business.

4.9. The following Applications shall be rejected and not considered.

4.9.1. Multiple applications by the same Applicant whether using the same or different names, email addresses, Business Idea or Business.

4.9.2. Applications by TEF Alumni or their Business Partner.

4.9.3. Applications by persons disqualified under any previous TEF programme.

4.9.4. Applications made using methods such as a macro, script, using automated devices or processors or other form of digital tool to gain an unfair advantage.

4.9.5. Bulk and third-party entries

4.9.6. Incomplete and incorrect applications.

4.9.7. Applications which contain illegal or unethical Businesses or Business Ideas.

4.9.8. Applications not made in line with any of the Programme requirements.

4.9.9. Applications which, in the reasonable opinion of the Promoter:

i. Are deemed to be franchises, import/export business or government contractors;

ii. Contain any content that is likely to be considered offensive by the Promoter, or could reflect negatively the name, reputation, or goodwill of the Promoter, its partners or entities associated with the Promoter, its partners and other parties acting on its behalf;

iii. Include trademarks, logos, or copyrighted material not owned by the Applicant or used without the right holder’s prior written permission (including famous names, company names, etc.);

iv. Defames, misrepresents, or insults third parties;

v. Poses adverse risks to the environment, human lives or property;

vi. Promotes or is sympathetic to any political agenda;

vii. Are affiliated to terrorist or other illegal activity;

viii. Ought to be rejected.

4.10. The Promoter accepts no responsibility for late, lost, misdirected, damaged or delayed Applications as a result of any network, computer hardware or software failure of any kind.

4.11. The Promoter reserves the right to verify the validity of entries and to disqualify any Applicant for tampering with the entry process.


Personal Information (Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Most fluent in: , Native Language:, Additional Languages:, Gender, Medical Disability).

Contact Details (Street Address, Country, State/Province/Region, City/Town, Postal Code, Main Number, Other Numbers, Main Email, Additional Email Accounts, Skype ID).

Education (Highest Level of Education, Major/Primary Area of Study, Business Administration).

The Personal Bio is the first to attend. And its as simple as entering your personal information in the space provided.

Social Media (Social Media: Facebook, Social Media: Linkedin, Social Media: Twitter: ). As simple as this session is, and also optional. I highly recommend you don’t live it empty. It kinda validate your idea/business. Plus it’s free to create.

Business Profile: (NOW INTO THE REAL DEAL).  

Business/Company Name:
The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd. (That’s my business name don’t enter in as yours … just joking. But please, fix in your business name. Even if you are yet to start for those applying with an idea – do it. Even if it’s not a registered business yet – do it. Give it a good name. And Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee try to be creative with your name, don’t do “God’s Power Miracle Restaurant” or Mama Bisi Edu Consult”. DANIEL AJUMOBI is my brand and a parent company to a few startups I operate e.g SoftyData, SpyLense, NoizMakaz, NuudNet, OjaOta etc. That’s why I registered as The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd. So, be creative with your name. If you need help with your creative juice to flow or an idea for a name – comment below and let’s see how I can help.

(Business Street Address, Country, State/Province/Region, City/Town, Postal Code, … and then Website: mine is My advice, if you dont have a website yet, type in what you did love to use and comment beside it that is under construction to show you have it in mind. Because they love tech-driven business/ideas. e.g (still under construction). For a website to be requested, It’s vital. So, if you have a little budget for your website – drop a comment below or message me on WhatsApp and let’s get your website up and running quickly.

PS: When filling your Business Info and Questions like personal achievements and the likes. Use story telling techniques. It captures the reader more. Don’t just list things.

Remember the selection gets highly competitive every year, with increased numbers of applicants. So, be smart.

The Next Phase of the application session is the most tactical and it’s newly added; it’s called PERSONALITY AND COGNITIVE TEST. It involves a series of PSYCHOLOGICAL, AND MATHEMATICAL, questions which you most answer in 45minutes. Yes, that’s all you got. If the time tickoff and you are not done… your application is over.

So, that session requires SPEED with ACCURACY.

And the last after that is DECLARATION. Nothing special about that. Your entire answer for the session should be NO … ofcourse except otherwise.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the registration begin.

And so, I just successfully took you through the entire registration process with possible answers for The Tony Eleumelu Entrepreneurship Programme 2021 single-handedly. I wish you success with the application.

If you need professional help putting your IDEAS together, or need a BUSINESS PLAN or other forms of support. Hit me up on WhatsApp ASAP


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