How to Apply and Win the Tony Elumelu $5000 Grant 2020

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I’m quite excited about helping you through your TEEP 2019 application. This is about how to apply and win the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme $5000 2019 Grant. I’m sharing how I apply in 2015 and was Rejected and how I reply in 2016 and was Selected. Here is a blueprint and comprehensive guide through the over 50 questions that you will answer when the portal opens on the 1st January 2019. I went through a similar process in 2015 but I was not selected, then replied again in 2016 covering my lapses and Whallah – my name was on the list. So, here is me taking you by hand through each question. Follow each dutifully while filling your form. And Pray to God for favor. Let’s get into it


with fellow entrepreneurs at the forum

Section 1 – Personal Information (Title, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Nationality, Official Identification (upload whatever ID you have), Most fluent in: , Native Language:, Additional Languages:, Gender, Medical Disability). Ok, these are all personal information and I agree you can handle yourself – if not, just close the application and go… wherever you like to do something else! Winks

Section 2 – Contact Details (Street Address, Country, State/Province/Region, City/Town, Postal Code, Main Number, Other Numbers, Main Email, Additional Email Accounts, Skype ID). That’s all for session two. And like I said in session one – I agree you can handle there yourself – if not, just close the application and go… wherever you like to do something else! Winks

Section 3 – Education (Highest Level of Education, Major/Primary Area of Study, Business Administration). That’s brief. So filled it up. And if you can answer these yourself, it’s not your fault, it’s your school. Go back there and reclaim all your fees. Smiles

Section 4 – Social Media (Social Media: Facebook, Social Media: Linkedin,
Social Media: Twitter: ). As simple as this session is, please is quite vital. Fill in your details. They are interested in business that respects and embrace technology mainly as part of your marketing strategy. So, fix all the links.

Section 5 – Business Profile: (NOW INTO THE REAL DEAL).  

Business/Company Name:
The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd. (That’s my business name don’t enter in as yours … just joking. But please, fix in your business name. Even if you are yet to start for those applying with an idea – do it. Even if it’s not a registered business yet – do it. Give it a good name. And Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee try to be creative with your name, don’t do “God’s Power Miracle Restaurant” or Mama Bisi Edu Consult”. DANIEL AJUMOBI is a big brand and a parent company to over 10 smaller companies including Jumoby, SoftyData, SpyLense, NoizMakaz, NuudNet, OjaOta etc. That’s why I registered as The DANIEL AJUMOBI Company Ltd. So, be creative with your name. If you need help with your creative juice to flow or an idea for a name – comment below and let’s see how I can help. (Business Street Address, Country, State/Province/Region, City/Town, Postal Code, … and then Website: mine is My advice, if you dont have a website yet, type in what you did love to use and comment beside it that is under construction to show you have it in mind. Because they love tech-driven business/ideas. e.g (still under construction).

About Me: (this part is crucial because it tells the story about you the business or idea owner. If you story is not fascinating, meaningful or compelling enough – no matter how great your idea/business is there will be a disconnection between you and your idea/business. So, now read through my answer to guide you; Curious defines my personality, always yearning for knowledge and I’m a product of Informal education. I had no nursery school education and also no formal education beyond secondary school. But with a dream and determination, I’ve initiated and continued a process of unending self-education which has distinguished me as an authority on human potential and capacity development. I am a skilled Orator and a published Author, I Published my mini motivational book “ Money and You” an entrepreneurial motivation for youth and also “Gears of Speed”. I am an Anti-Conventional thinker, I murder the Norms. I’m a Social innovators Fellow of LEAP Africa and International Youth Foundation. My story is the bedrock for my motivation for entrepreneurship. I was born without a silver spoon in Ebutemeta, Lagos, as a street kid, I’ve gone through hawking bread, gala in traffic, pure water and all sorts of items for survivor. I’ve been through a lot, but today, it’s a different story. So, I understood that the challenges I faced and conquer are pointers to my assignment, solutions I will have to provide for many others. So this defines me, rescuing as many street kids/youth as possible. Giving lives meaning through positive enterprises.

Leadership Skills & Experience:  Read through my answer to guide you;
Running a business is connected with managing people because business evolves around managing Customers and Staff. And so, I was the HOSTEL PREFECT AND GAME PREFECT back in high school which expose me to the fundamentals of Leadership first hand. And at the moment I serve as the HEAD of IT/Social Media department of an International NGO. I’m as well the head of a youth-centric movement Future World Changers and Leaders Mission, while I lead quite a number of other leadership positions. So, I’m well exposed to different leadership position with high demands and I’m serving appropriately while learning the new rules.

Personal Achievement: Read through my answer to guide you;
I am the Convener of The WAY Africa ( War Against Youth-unemployment in Africa Forum). I created The WAY Africa and launched the 1st annual session between February 31st to March 1st 2014. With 22 delegates from 6 African countries including Germany in attendance. Also, I’m a 2013 LEAP Africa Fellow & Social Innovator Awardee. I was inducted as a Fellow for the Social Innovator Programme and Awards by LEAP Africa Ltd/Gte and International Youth Foundation (YouthActionNet). I was also aired on Dragons Den Business Reality TV Show 2008 as a young entrepreneur with my Business Initiative then. 

Elevator Pitch: Read through my answer to guide you;
FarmTech is my business idea. This is revolutionary – causing a fundamental change in the way we distribute our agricultural products by getting it into the hands of more Nigerians. This idea is a fusion of Agriculture with Technology. We produce and distribute our FarmProducts with a mobile app. (It’s called elevator pitch because your words are limited, so choose the right words. This will determine whether they will read the other part of your application).

Detailed Description: Read through my answer to guide you;
FarmTech produces Eggs, Chickens and Catfishes. And we further create a mobile app that supports and expands our distribution model in other to reach out to more Nigerians. In addition, we distribute beyond livestock, we source for other food items from farmers through a strategy we call Harvesters Market and also distribute and sell through our platform.

Don’t forget – this is about how to apply and win tony elumelu $5000 grant 2019

Wow Us: Read through my answer to guide you;
The innovative side of my idea is that we are exploring the wonders of technology in connection with agriculture. We are not just producing, we are creatively distributing our product through our ecommerce and mobile app. We partner with local farmers for the sales and distribution of their farm produce as well. (simply say your unique selling point – USP)
Problem Solved: Read through my answer to guide you;
Quite a number of problems are solved among which is; Hunger problem by making access to food product possible. Convenience as well by just using our mobile app. Distribution problem solved as we partner with courier like Tranex for delivery to consumers and reduction in cost of all products.
Development Stage
Testing (Research & Development)
Industry Sector
Agriculture (Agri-business, Farming, etc.)
Zero Hunger
Decent Work and Economic Growth

Section 6 – Company Structure 

Registered Company
Yes (mine was, but if your business or idea is not registered yet, you have nothing to worry about. There is room to do that later after your selection.) And if you want to do that now, it’s part of my company service, so get in touch.
Company Documents (this part is for registered companies, upload all document if registered, if not, just ignore – you have no worries.)
View Official Registration Certificate
View Official Evidence of Directors
View Official Evidence of Ownership
Business Start Year (be careful when filling this… qualified business must not be more than 3years old, so watch your date. Ideas are accepted too for those that are yet to start at all.)
Type of Business Entity
Ltd (mine is limited, fill in your whether enterprise or otherwise)
Business Partners
None (thats for me)
Partner Consent (if you have one)
Primary Role
Part Time
Full Time

Section 7 – Market Potential  (ANOTHER CRUCIAL SESSION)

Addressable Market: Read through my answer to guide you;
Addressable market for my products cut across all age brackets as well as financial status. We sell food (eggs, chickens,cat fish etc) It’s needed by both the poor and rich. The poorest Nigerian spent minimum of 100naira on food daily. So, we have a market that is presently under-served to serve.

Revenue Model: Read through my answer to guide you;
Revenue generation is guaranteed through the sales of fishes, eggs, chickens and even the manure from our poultry. Also delivery of orders is another good revenue generation for us. And as we grow with demand through our ecommerce and mobile app, adverts will be another massive source of revenue.

Marketing Strategy: Read through my answer to guide you;
Since we are Technology inclined. AgriTech Marketing will be explore by reaching out to prospective buyers via Broadcast messages through SMS, BBM and Whatsapp groups.Targeted Email Marketing will be utilized as this medium reduces cost. Also our ecommerce and mobile app will be a good avenue and other conventional strategy.

Competitors: Read through my answer to guide you;
Differentiator: Read through my answer to guide you;
Our prompt delivery strategy service, as people can order their purchase online and via our MobileApp. Our Unique Customer Care services We always subsidize the price of our product Our Uniqueness of packaging which supports our delivery services
Current Milestone: Read through my answer to guide you;
We need to acquire a land, employ more full time staff, and we have a projection of N10,000,000 sales in eggs, cat fish and chicken, also developing business management capacity through series of training.
Next Milestone: Read through my answer to guide you;
To expand our customer base, purchase mini van for delivery. Also proceed to processing of our farm produce.

Section 8 – Financials (SMALL BUT IMPORTANT SESSION)

Whether your business is in operation or just an idea yet to start. Please dont guess your financials, make research, enter accurate figure. If your financials is not logical – your application is doomed. I remember I had to seek for help in financials before my selection and even after my selection for the comprehensive business plan development. So, if you already have a business operating; pick up calculator and do the math. Be accurate. If you are yet to start your business; your assuptions must be making lot of sense – dont say you will make 1billion naira within the first year – it’s bullsh**t. Be Reasonable. (My Response for my market testing business, not fully operational)

Invested Cash
$ 650.00
Monthly Expenses
$ 120.00
Lifetime Revenue
$ 560.00
Break-Even Volume
Monthly patronage from 150 customers with a minimum of N3000 purchase keeps us going at the moment.
Break-Even Revenue
$ 450.00

Reminder – this is about how to apply and win tony elumelu $5000 grant 2019.

Section 9 – Business Impact (ANOTHER VITAL PART)

Impact: Read through my answer to guide you;
My business initiative will enhance social and economic development by reducing unemployment rate. It will also reduce hunger and malnutrition in diets within our community. With the fusion of technology, it will serve as a technology advancement. Also will empower youths through training to become self reliant and responsible citizen.
Challenges: Read through my answer to guide you;
challenges abound considering our nation economic status. Among which is, Financial challenges – access to funds. Operational challenges – resources including power and human is challenging. Regulatory challenges e.g. accreditation, registration, licencing, and even policies not in favor of entrepreneurship etc.
Aims: Read through my answer to guide you;
I want to gain Knowledge, training, capacity building, special skills, industry specific knowledge e.g. strategic management, leadership, financial and control management. In addition, exposure is key. I want to network with key contacts and build a sustainable relationship with viable partners for business collaboration and expansion.
Business Skills:
Finance (Raising money and investment)
Marketing the product/service
Recruitment & building the team
Managing resources
Structuring the company
Developing the business plan




Phone Number

Section 10 – Attestations (LAST AND EVEN THE LEAST)

Information Source

Full Time

Previous Accelerator

Amount of Funding Received

Referee 1
Referee Name

Referee Occupation

Referee Address

Referee Email

Referee Phone Number

Referee 2
Referee Name

Referee Occupation

Referee Address

Referee Email

Referee Phone Number

the whole experience was worth more than the $5000

And so, I just successfully took you through the entire question with possible answers for The Tony Eleumelu Entrepreneurship Programme 2019 single handedly. I wish you success with the application.

Please, after filling the form READ this “5 Top Reasons Why You May Not Win Tony Elumelu $5000 Grant” before submitting.
If you need help; comment below what it is – will be glad to help.
(how to apply and win tony elumelu $5000 grant 2019)

For busy entrepreneurs who want to apply but have no time – I will be glad to do that for you at a token fee.
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