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The recent coup in Mali which was led by a 36 year old man have left lots of persons with a say about leadership and about how a young man could lead a country to such a point forgetting it takes a good leader to even hold a group of two people to achieve a goal, how much more a country. Being a leader is not an inborn trait; it is learnt overtime consciously or unconsciously as you journey through life.  It is one of the most difficult skills to acquire because you have to be selfless and let go of yourself for the benefit of others. You can be born to be a president but that does not make you a good leader. There are certain skills that people seek in a leader and which if you possess could make you automatically the next leader everyone is ready to listen to.


The first step to being a great leader is being confident in yourself. A great leader is one who is confident enough to let go of himself and still stand tall. Most people take responsibility for themselves and train themselves to be a more effective leader. You might learn this from your personal and professional experience in life. Confidence will help you feel secure as a leader because as you lead different types of people from different ethnic groups and religious backgrounds, you’d sometimes meet people who are quite knowledgeable in  one or two areas than you are. It is paramount that you bring such people closer to further learn from their knowledge instead of pushing them away due to insecurities that they might take up the position of the leader from you. It takes the confidence to embrace people who seem to be stronger than you are. The line between confidence and pride is a very slim one but try not to cross that line.


Know as much as possible. As much as you are so confident, you don’t want to be weakling mostly in information and staying-up-to-date. You don’t want to be corrected by your “followers” all the time, so in all means that works for you always stay informed. As humans, we naturally tend towards those whom we admire. You need to set the pace that others follow… build on your area of strength, don’t stop building it till it begins to speak for itself and watch how people will be attracted to you and most importantly your ideologies.


Compassion is a critical skillset to lead effectively. A leader should always care for his team. A leader is one who takes time to know his team and the best mannerism of approach for each of them. Be sensitive enough to notice the tiniest of changes anywhere you are and if you think something or someone needs care then go for it. Engage people, if you notice anyone who’s always left behind, pay attention to such a person  and engage him or her, be vulnerable sometimes and talk to others don’t be stiff enough to forget to rub minds with others. We humans love anyone we can find solace in and vice versa.

There are alot more needed to actively scale and thrive as a leader. Above are few that you can personally start with to start seeing immediate results with your influence.

A leader is never scared to take a step.  Take the step to becoming a leader.

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Or even just your opinion about the topic.

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