Hello Greatness Partner, welcome to – the place where people in pursuit of success come to get actionable insights. Taking it further today. Touching down on how you can achieve personal development or growth. Let’s get into it.

On the journey to the top, there are lots of challenges to arise from people but how much more if you hinder yourself by neglecting your daily growth goal. Self or personal development will help you grow beyond circumstances “matured” to the point where you won’t be moved by situations. You’d have yourself under control and won’t just be emotionally imbalanced acting out of impulse regularly. This journey to self-development is you exploring and developing who you truly are by putting yourself in the right situation that will trigger and help you grow.


Do you know yourself well enough? What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What makes you happy? What makes you angry? How do you react when happy or angry? What makes you sad? What gives you the goosebumps? You can only make corrections to what you know. Before you go out trying to announce yourself to the world, take time out to know yourself. Someone once said, “if you are given an ax to cut down a tree, spend most of the time sharpening the ax instead of going at the tree with a blunt ax and spending the day trying to bring down the tree”. It is important to be well sharpened to a favorable level before launching out so you don’t go through your weak spot trying to find your strength which is in a different direction. Take your time to study yourself, figure out yourself, take a solo time-out or a trip. It is the first step to launch into personal growth, it makes your journey in life easier. After that you have figured out your strength, all that’s left is building on each and every strength that you possess.…you need to grow within for it to reflect “without”. Remember the words of Socrates – man know thyself.


If we all could have everything then definitely, no human in this world would have any want. It’s okay to have wants but we also have needs…take time out to spell both out, it is a core level of responsibility. The ability to ignore wants and go for your needs is maturity and only the mentally grown can really do that. Your wants are trivia while your needs carry more value. 


Surround yourself with the right people, meaning wrong people exist. And remember, what you hear, they say goes a long way in determining who you become. Don’t surround yourself with those who are not good for your mental health. It is actually easier said than done because most times it is those who are closest to you that are involved but it is better to let them go either by addressing the issue or cutting off contacts. Those who only tell you about your weakness every day and have never mentioned anything about your strength are not worth your attention. Be conscious about those whom you keep around…they have a way of hindering your steps to self-development by their weakening or negative comment. Keep those who will encourage you close and those who will tell you how well you can do it closer. Be only with people who remind you about how beautiful you are and if they must talk about your weakness, they should be soft and reasonable about it and also provide an acceptable solution because constructive criticism also aid growth. 


Study. Be well informed. It will help you see things clearly. You cannot say you have grown while you are not well informed. Information automatically helps you develop in all areas and you can only get information by reading. Know something about everything and know everything about something. Reading will empower you to see the world from an objective perspective without any confinement. It connects you to a global world and enhances your horizon. There’s a level at which you’d have read to and you’d begin to exude growth that even those around you cant deny.


Growths always take time, it does not happen overnight.  It takes months for a newborn to begin to walk so don’t go too hard on yourself. Cut yourself some slack…give yourself some time. As long as you keep at it, you’d achieve the desired level of self-development. Remember, you have to grow up to stay up, if you jump up, you will come right down. Don’t jump the gun.

If you will go ahead and put the following key points to use, I have no doubt that your growth will be evident.

As my custom is, I enjoy reading back from you. So, please kindly share in the comment session below any other tips not stated above but can be of help. Or even just your opinion about the topic.

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