a.k.a Daniel Ajumobi

I journeyed through street-hawking into an internet-entrepreneur. Went from broke, unemployed, homeless, to Affiliate Marketer. And I'm about to show you one of the online income sources that helped me upgrade.

Why You Need An Online Income Source!

I'm About To Show You How I Went From a Boring Job That Kept Me Broke for Years To Building A N550k+/Month Business Online Selling Other People's Product ... NO BS.

Firstly, for my personal reason (UPGRADE), which is confirmed from my pictures below, remember pictures don't lie - 1 pic is 1000 words.

but a more critical reason than upgrade why you need an online income source is ...

the situation of an average income earner in Nigeria  right now is so bad that you have to do everything to avoid such situation being your fate;

So Read with me ... 

It is no longer news that we are experiencing hardship in this country.

Like I mean things are extremely difficult in this country right now.

The cost of foodstuff and basic commodities are on the increase almost daily and the salary of the average Nigerian has remained the same. It’s alarming that a bag of rice presently costs N30,000 if not more; almost commensurate to the minimum wage.

Inflation and devaluation of the naira is on an all time high. The exchange rate presently is N540 to 1$ and still rising, to worsen the situation, Nigeria is indebted to the tune of 32.9 billion, foreign investors are leaving Nigeria because the policies under Buhari’s administration are not investor friendly. 

The Buhari led administration doesn’t even care about you or me. Few weeks back, Buhari while addressing the nation said - paraphrased that "there’s no federal or state job for any youth and if the youths fail to behave themselves (whatever that means) , they’ll have no jobs".

Check the Following out .... 

This will give you an in-depth insight into Nigeria's situation...  this are tweets from highly reputable personalities and organizations;

Study that image thread carefully ....

The statistics are REAL ... and getting more real by the day.

... so with all these things I showed you, it is very important to have a second option or an alternative, precisely an online income alternative.

Now what do I mean by an alternative?

You may say... 

But I have a job, I'm working

But let me ask you, have you sat down to analyze how much you earn per month and how much is actually left for you after you've sorted out all the bills?

If you are being honest with yourself you'll see that you are simply eating from pocket to mouth.

Right ..... ?

Look at the last two images up there carefully 

It has been estimated that 11M Nigerians will fall into poverty.

Remember we already have poor people in this country, millions of them now 11M will be added to them.

Recently, higher institutions were on strike & students were at home for several months. 

Now as a student let me ask you, are you really going to depend on this government for a job when you graduate?

This government that doesn't even care about us, well If I were you I wouldn't ...

You need to start finding what to do, you need to find a good business and start.

That should be where all your hopes and effort should be, not in relying on this government.

Also for those already working ... yes you too.

Your salary is not enough, you are simply working from pocket to mouth - not a good strategy.

If you keep on going like this, how will you buy a car? How will you build a house?

So you need to find an alternative.

Your alternative should be another business which some people call a side hustle ... The reason for this is so that you can be able to have more sources of income and be able to save more.

It's only through that way that you'll have a lot of savings to actually make investments.

Buy cars, take care if your family e.t.c 

This is also applicable to stay at home moms, you need to start a business.

The only way out of all these is to make money ... in fact more money if you are already making some.

Just make more money... Really!

Alternative sources of income are so vital, it's not optional, especially if you care about your financial future.

The elites and the first class citizens in Nigeria don't feel much of these economic effects.

I know you'll say in your mind "but making money is not easy"

Coronavirus came and a lot of offline business was shut down... 

Movements were restricted but online business were never down, those with online business kept on getting alerts and Making lots of money.

The truth is that with online business you have your time, your comfort, you don't have to answer anyone Sir or madam, you don't have to worry about going to work late because you are your own boss ... (this is not just a story to woo you, it's what I do, check my website out).

So, while starting a business

The best to always start is an online business

There are lots of advantage that comes with online businesses and I'll be explaining them below;

- As a student you can do online business and still attend lectures and still make your first class

- As a house wife you can start an online business and still take care of your children

- As a single mom you can start an online business and still take care of your child

- As a fresh graduate you can start an online business and it will set your life for you

The truth is that there is more money on online business than offline business👌

Since I started my online businesses I earn more than most earn monthly .... (btw; i don't do comparison).

Millions of people all over the world now use the internet

Millions of Nigerians use the internet.

And one thing you should know is that wherever a lot of people are gathered, money is also gathered there ... confirmed.

But you may say, making money online is not easy... 

Well I used to think like that too.

Some years ago I thought that money making is the hardest thing you'll ever do but I didn't know I was wrong

Everything in life has formulas, mathematics has formulas.

To build a house as an engineer, there are necessary guidelines and formulas you need to follow.

Now to make money there is also a formula for it.

What I'm about to share with you now is what I call the 4 step formula to making money online;

1: Find a good online business

2: Find a problem that you think a lot of people are facing.

3: Provide solution to those problem

4: Sell the solutions to those that have the problems

So let's explain those points below;

1. Get a good online business

Why online business? Now I usually advise people to do online business because the world is advancing, it's no longer what it used to be 10 years ago.

Agrarian age came when farming was the ultimate, now is the Digital Age, online income is the ultimate.

2: Find a problem you think a lot of people are facing

Now the next thing is to find a problem that a lot of people are facing.

So let me give an example, a lot of ladies from the age of 25 and above usually have weight issues

Most of them usually get fat at that age and above,now that is a problem right there because a lot of ladies are facing it and they don't like it because everyone wants to look good and young.

So this is a crucial problem, with a lot of hungry markets.

With a lot of people ready to pay you just to get their problem solved.

3: Now you've seen the problem people face.

What you need to do is look for how you can provide a solution to those audiences.

So in the example we used above, all you need to do is find a health product that teaches people how to lose weight and maintain fit.

Getting that product is your third step.

I always say this "every problem solved = credit alert"

Always aim at solving people's problems and you'll always make money.

4: Sell the solutions to those that have the problems.

After you've discovered the problems that your audience have, get a product that solves those problems.

Now the last thing is to use a proven marketing strategy to sell those solutions to them. You don't need to know them personally, just present the solution to them and they'll buy from you.

It's as easy as that - or as ABC like they say.

That is the simple formula you can use to generate millions online.

How Affiliate Marketing Is Your Best Option!

So right now I'll go into Affiliate marketing proper and HOW you can start and make millions from it with those formula I just explained above.

Practical steps  ... no theories here!

So let's get to it.

What is Affiliate marketing?

In the world of online business... 

There are so many businesses you can do to generate a lot of income.

Like so many things.

But for the sake of focus... I will be concentrating on Affiliate marketing.

So I'll be explaining what affiliate marketing is all about and how you can start.

So affiliate Marketing is simply selling other peoples products and earning a commission per sale you make ... THAT'S ALL!

Michael is selling a car

John needs money but doesn't have a product to sell but he knows how to sell a product

John helps Michael get a buyer for the car

Now the person buys Michaels car for #2 million

Then Michael pays John #100,000 for helping him bring a buyer

If John does this 5 times he has made #500,000 

And that is what affiliate marketing is all about

John just created a side hustle for himself

There are tons of business models online but not all of them are as easy as affiliate marketing.

Here’s why affiliate marketing stands out;

- You don’t hold any inventory. No need to stuff boxes in the corner of your room or rent a shop and stack goods upon goods there.

- You don’t have to deal with customers face to face.

- You can work from anywhere in the world.

The truth is that we all practice Affiliate marketing.

Knowingly or unknowingly and most people don't get paid for it

It’s great if you’re an introvert because everything’s done from behind your phone or laptop. 

You don’t have to go on client meetings, conferences, or put yourself out there if you don’t want to.

You can make tons of money. 

Myself and lots of Affiliates generate thousands and millions monthly from affiliate marketing - no jokes.

All you do is just focus on SELLING (the greatest skill of all time).

The affiliate marketing industry is ripe with opportunities and it’s not too late for you to get a piece of it.

But NOTE THIS .... 

one thing you need to understand about Affiliate marketing is that it requires work and dedication... like every or any successful business.

Nothing works unless you make it work. And don't give up easily because there's a lot to learn. 

So you now understand right?

Okay lets move on ...

We online affiliate marketers don't sell physical products so you don't need to worry about meeting your customers or delivering goods to then.

Affiliate marketing companies are companies that have lots of digital products on their platform.

Some of these affiliate marketing companies are;

♦️ JVzoo

♦️ Warriorplus

♦️ Clickbank


Right now, I am certain you understand what Affiliate Marketing means.

To actually become an affiliate marketer and get access to those digital products that you'll be selling to earn your commissions (for example... all the products on my ecommerce website jumoby.ng/shop are all affiliate products that I earn from daily.

You need to register with an affiliate marketing company ... to get the products.

All these affiliate marketing companies I listed above are all international companies and it's usually hard for a Nigerian to operate with them because they require you to have a first world country account and ID.

They kind of don't like Nigerians (and guess we know WHY).

but don't worry about this

We have our own affiliate marketing company here.

It's basically for Nigerians.

This affiliate marketing company was created by Toyin Omotoso

He is a billionaire Internet marketer ... 

new to some ... and quite familiar to others ...

This is Expertnaire, they pay all their affiliates every Friday

Don't go and register now ooo...

Wait till the end of this ...

I'll tell you how you'll get 1 year Expertnaire account for free... yes

Below are payments from expertnaire that you will be getting soon yourself;

... so once you sign up on expertnaire

The next thing is to pick a product you want to sell 

(you will notice the payment above is from 3 different products.

On expertnaire we have over 40 digital products,

So you can pick anyone you like and sell.

Now listen, some products offer 50% affiliate commission which means you'll get half of the price of the product on each sale you make.

Those are the kind of products I like selling.

After you've selected the product you want to sell

The next step is to copy your product affiliate link

So after you've copied it, anyone that buys the course through your link you'll get a commission.

So if it's a course that is selling for #30,000 and affiliate commission on it is 50%.

That means you'll get #15,000 per sale you make.

Now imagine if you made a sale everyday for 30 days, calculate the profit yourself.

Mehnnn that's too much money ... no-cap.

So now I'm going to explain the steps that we affiliate marketers use in selling our products.

Steps are below;

1. Set up your ads

2. Lead your customers to your presell page

3. Collect their emails

4. Lead them to the product page of the product you are selling

5. Follow them up through emails.

... now let me explain all those steps above

1. Set up your Facebook ads.

I Know a lot of us have heard of the term Facebook ads before

Facebook ads is simply using money to boost your advert on Facebook so a lot of people can be able to see your ad.

with Facebook ads we have what we call detailed targeting...

So if I'm selling a product that deals on relocation, I  will simply use Facebook ads to target people interested in relocating. 

Study these screenshots below... 

These are the power of Facebook ads ...

2. Lead your customers to your presell page.

When you've finished setting up your Facebook ad, once they click on your ad they will be directed to your presell page.

Presell page is more of like a brief page that explained everything about the product you are selling.

3. Collect their emails.

So after they've finished reading your presell article.

They'll simply enter their email address.

4. Lead them to the product page of the product.

This page is now the page of the product you are selling.

You are not the one that will create this page.

It's the page of that your product affiliate link that you copied from your expertnaire account. 

So when people buy from that link, you'll be credited with your affiliate commission.

Here are some of the commissions I get When I make a sale... 

I could keep on showing you lots of testimonies from myself and other Affiliates working with Expertnaire.....  just tooo much to show.

But lets stop here with the testimonies.

and incase you are asking ....


This leads me to present you "The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator" 77 minutes video. 

This video explains everything about expertnaire affiliate marketing in details.

With proofs from young Nigerians like you making millions weekly...
No hyping... you will see both video testimonials and other proofs.

Now I know a lot of people will say that a 77 minutes video is too much.

But those same people sit for hours watching movies that won't benefit them anything.

They sit down for hours and watch other people making their own money.


I'm about rounding up.

But before I finish , you should follow this little story...

The video I stated earlier changed all that for me.

It is called The 72IG WhatsApp Income Generator Program.

This is the video that will teach you every single thing you need to know about affiliate marketing even though you are a newbie and how you can start and make a living and eventually  millions from it.

Few days ago someone messaged me that she is interested in affiliate marketing and wants to start.

I sent her the 77 minutes videos from my Coach Toyin Omotoso that explained everything about affiliate marketing ...  and how you can be generating over 100K - 1 million monthly from it.

But the person said something that shocked me.

Like I was really shocked.

She said and I quote;

"This video is too long oo, I don't have the patience to watch it.

All my data will finish". (smiles)

 I was really surprised and shocked at the same time. 

People sit down for hours gossiping online but can't watch just a 77 minutes video on money creation using just your phone and data.

Well, I gave her a good reply ...

Here is what I told her;

"If you can't be disciplined to watch a 77 minutes video about this business, then I don't think the business is for you."

If you want to ever grow and make money, you need to learn self-discipline. 

How will you want to start a business that is capable of generating you up to 1 million naira every month and you can't even sit down and watch a 77 minutes video about the business?

If you can't sit down and watch the video, how will you then be able to concentrate on the business?

You sit down for 2 hours watching a movie that won't impact anything on your growth and Career but to sit down and watch a business video you can't.

So let me take a pause here ...

If you are really serious about affiliate marketing and want to get started right away.

Then I want to send you this free 77 minutes video, you need to watch it ooo. 

This video was created by Toyin Omotoso who is the Founder of Expertnaire.

And they won't be available for long, it will soon be pulled down.

This video will open your eyes to affiliate marketing goldmine in details and how you can start right away and make over 250k before the year ends.

If you are really interested ... click the button below and chat me on whatsapp for the video link.

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