+5 Loan Apps in Nigeria to Get Urgent Money

Without a doubt, MONEY MATTERS.

I can not stress that enough. We need daily cash flow to flow through life.
And once in a while, we are money stranded – it’s not a disease to be broke. Even the world billionaires like Dangote, Otedola, Bill, and others do go broke, but please “broke get level ooo“.

Now, what do you do in your broke season? Cry and feel sorry … nope.
The following application provides the solution you need.

And beyond been broke. If you need little cash to kickstart your business, idea, trip, or what have you. Then this is for you.

App No 1: CreditVille


First, on my list of the mobile credit system that guarantees an instant loan for personal, small business owner or verified employees in Nigeria is CreditVille. You can check how to get quick loans in Nigeria here on their site above! The highest possible funds amount you can receive is 250,000 Naira and the ultimate lending period is twelve months – sounds great, doesn’t it? CreditVille gives you the opportunity to apply for three types of loans: PayDay loan, Business loan and Cab Lease. To learn more about the details, visit CreditVille official website above. There you go!

App No 2: SnapCredit


SnapCredit offers you quick money as you need it in minutes. Money accessible from the comfort of your home with clicks from your mobile phone. SnapCredit percentage rates vary according to the amount borrowed also your repayment deadline. Furthermore, you do not need to wait for hours or weeks to get your money, the loan is recieved minutes after loan application is approved and validated. When it comes to loan repayment, you don’t have to visit the nearest bank monthly to complete this procedure. This process has got much simpler, SnapCredit subtracts an agreed amount from your salary every month. These very feature make this fund lending platform a simple and fast money loan app in Nigeria. So, check out the website above and thank me later.

App No 3: Kiakia


KiaKia is another interesting money loan app in Nigeria (the title is derived from a Nigerian word that in English means “Quick Quick”). It is a digitized funds lender created for businesses in Nigeria. This platform uses data bulk, computer forensics, psychometry, and machine learning to perform secure credit rating and enable repayment risk evaluation algorithm in order to guarantee direct individual and business credits. So, check them out too. No delays with the processes. Good Luck.

App No 4: QuickCheck


QuickCheck is a lending and credit system which is designed for small business enterprises, salary earners and you – individuals. According to QuickCheck platform, clients can receive instant and readily accessible funds of not more than 30,000 Nigerian naira for a period of either fifteen or thirty days without providing any collateral in exchange – whollah.

Like other apps mentioned, Quick Check app is available on Google Play. The Quick Check system is accomplished with machine learning algorithms which helps this lending platform to foresee an individual’s behavior and estimates applications for credit. These algorithms also enable approvals in not more than 24 hours! In addition, this money loan app is going to develop a system of limitless bank accounts and design deposit access cards! You seriously need to check out QuickCheck – visit website above.

App No 5: PayLater


The last but not the least is Paylater. And the platform seems to be the most popular of them all. Easy-to-use website and app which is absolutely an online borrowing system. This platform provides individuals and small businesses with short-term loans in Nigeria. It’s specially developed for those people who have temporary money mishaps or other unforeseen expenditures. This money loan app in Nigeria can lend an individual up to 1,000,000 Naira. Every Nigerian is able to enroll for a Paylater lending service on a round-the-clock basis every day – 247. If you really need a quick loan in Nigeria without giving any collateral, Paylater will certainly help you out. All you need to do is download the app and apply for this service.
Doubting it … visit their site right away and see for yourself.

I’m aware the list goes on and on with;
6) Rapid Cash: https://www.rapidcash.ng/
7) LiDya: https://www.lidya.co/
8) GroFin: https://www.grofin.com
9) OneFi: https://onefi.co/

10) ZedVance: www.zedvance.com/ 

… and more i believe to come with time.
The good news is the more we have, the easier our access to the funds.

So, if you know of any that is not on the list above.
Please share in the comment below …

And if you apply to any and get the money… share your testimony for others to be encouraged too.


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