5 Easy Ways To Make Money in Nigeria With No Capital 2019

Here are my 5 Proven Ways To Make “Fast Money” in Nigeria with Little or No Capital in 2019. (underline “Fast Money”).

Ok… let’s get into it. I know you are reading this because you are interested in making easy or let’s say fast money and you are a Nigerian …lol

I’m going to make this worthwhile for you. It’s 1:45am, I should be sleeping to refresh my brain but since I’m not I definitely should do something meaningful with my been awake – and this is it.

Let me take off by asking a question; how many source of expenses do you have? Yeah, you heard me right. How many? Think about it. 1 – no, 2 – no, 3 – no … let’s pause here. Not even a day old baby has one source of expenses talkless of a grownup responsible adult like you.

Thus, my second question; why do you think or settle for one source of income? Yeah, answer me? Because that’s what we all do. We settle into complacency with one job that we don’t like, and a boss that dont like us and we take all the Sh**t from the office space that we are never welcome into because of a salary that was never enough and will never be enough to cater for our needs.

The reality that you need to face; and the earlier you face it, the better for you. One source of income ideaology is a poor man strategy of commiting financial suicide. It’s the court wherein poor people sentence themselves into a lifetime abject poverty.

So, wake up. You need minimum of 10 sources of income to comfortably stay afloat financial demands.

Hence, my last question; How many source of income do you have at the MOMENT? (comment your response below, let’s share.)

PS: The 5 Easy Way to Make Money in Nigeria Fast that I will be Sharing Below are not Life Careers, of Dream Job. But they help you get off the ground and someway give you needed balance to pursue what ever your dream precisely is. Remember, we all need the cash flow, to flow through life daily.

Easy Way 1: Become a Middle Man

This is my first recommendation because personally I have been a middle man for over 7 years now, and it’s still paying me till date. Infact, I just recieved a call now from a buyer in Germany who needs a products I don’t own but helping the seller to promote.
And this you will do with zero capital or worse case N100 capital for calling (trust you have that?) your clients.

How Does It Work? Very Simple.
Mr C wants to dispose his old car for X price (why? well maybe he got a new one), one Mrs B (for gender equality) somewhere needs a fairly used car, she lives close to Mr A who is a friend to the younger brother of Mr C. Mr A informs Mrs B of Mr C car and Y to the X price from Mr C making XY Price.
So, when the deal is concluded you make Y money into your account.

Simply connecting buyers to sellers. You are the Mr A.
And this you can do either Online or Offline or both.

How I join the wagon; back in 2015. I opened konga store but had no product to sell on it. After days of thinking what to do. I observe blackberry was selling alot, so I uploaded Blackberry Z10 and Z30 into my store. Not long I got an order but no product on ground. I started thinking “what to do” – gbam, got an idea. I began my search for another Blackberry Z10 seller on konga – saw about 7, started talking to them bargaining for lesser price, eventually, I got N32,500 deal. Went back to my buyer, and informed him that color black is scarce and only 2 pieces left which is selling for N42,000 each, his response was please package the two for me, my twin sister needs one. Wholla – guess my profit – don’t scream it, the buyer might be reading …lol “N9,500*2 = N19,000”.

How much was my capital? 50Megabyte data. To cut the long story short, I sold over 60pcs of Blackberry Z10 (N45,000each) and Samsung Note 3 (N110,000) precisely within 2015/2016. Make enough profit that I started importing phones from China directly. Made few millions and then move to Jiji to sell cars (which I’m still using till date) along side my now personal ecommerce store www.Jumoby.shop (under renovation) for 2019.

PS: I run/sell a training/materials for anyone interested in mini importation, you can start with as little as N15,000. My first products to import was two phones.

PS: I also have products and service I need middleman for. If you are interested, let’s make some money together.

So, join the league. Become a Middle Man or Woman (for gender equality again) and make some money. I dont want this post to be too long.
Drop your questions in the comment box below about this, and I will be glad to put you through.

Easy Way 2: EBooks – Selling & ReSelling

I wont waste too much time on this. I have personally published about 4 Ebooks from “Become a Millionaire Importer”, “The Facebook Richual”, “Money & You” etc. And I have sell from N1,000 to N3,500 per book – sorry per Ebook (i did not have to print any aside Money and You).
Just research for viable informations that people need. And convert it into PDF file with locks ofcourse. And you can do same with zero capital or maybe N25 Airtel 500MB capital to browse.

And if you are lazy like me, you can do few casual works – gather like N10,000 to N20,000 and buy the right from an author to resell an existing ebook in your name as co-author or sole-author.

PS: I have similar offer for my ebook “Become a Millionaire Importer.
If you are interested in becoming a co-author or sole-author send me an email to “
hi@danielajumobi.com” with the ebook name as the SUBJECT.

And ofcourse, there are plenty platforms to sell your ebooks once they are ready. Even Amazon special offers pay you when people read your published books without buying – just for reading online.

Easy Way 3: Testing Jobs/Survey

Ok… this is a quickie. Doesn’t pay much at a time. But can accumulate over time. All you do is fill some online surveys from different companies and you get cash, and maybe coupons to buy what you need from some.

Also, we have alot of companies who pay you to test their new applications, or games, or what have you before the official launching. So, you get little accumulated funds from them that can become big. I recommend this more for students. Check my other article for more information on this and links to the job sites.

Easy Way 4: Publish on Amazon Kindle/Okada Books

If you enjoying writing, then make money from it. Aside ebooks selling. You can publish your own book inline of your interest and sell on Okadabooks here in Nigeria or sell globally on Amazon Kindle Publishing all for free.

You don’t need any special skill to publish your book. The portals mention above automate the publishing process for you.

Write your book on MS word
Get Free Designs on Canva.com or pay token to a known design to get youa cover. Then go upload… gone are the era of publishing and printing down hundreds of books to sell around. Safe yourself the printing headache and financial stress.

Google amazon kindle publish or okada books to get the full guide on how to get your book out there.

Or request for my ebook on how to become an Author on Amazon/Okada Books at a token fee only. #winks

Easy Way 5: Press The Hustler Button

Ofcourse, we are all hustling. But I tag this hustler button because it is a combination of different fast money moves and your capital largely is your strenght to move around.

a) Become Errand Master (not Boy)
Quite alot of busy bank worker and some other corperate guys, entrepreneurs, nursing mothers and all needs someone to help them deliver petty task. E.g help me get shoprite bread (me for one, will never queue for shoprite bread, but i love to eat shoprite bread, so i will be glad to pay somebody few bucks (which i do) to get me the bread. Alot more items that people need to get that you can charge them for your service per hour e.g N500 per hour or more. So, become the Errand CEO and make some money.

b) Dog Walkers
I discover that the big men in Lekki, VI, Ikeja, Magodo and other exclusive robust part of lagos pay people to walk their dogs daily. You damn need no capital for that. Just your legs, and you are in business with daily, weekly or monthly money. So, why not visit areas mentioned above and (my clue) question the security officers – you might need to tip them to get accurate response ooo.

c) Donate Blood
Well, I call this session – Hustlers. So, Blood donation can also get you fast money. Depends on the importance on what you need money for and the quantity of the blood in your body (mine is not enough for me for now …lol). But seriously, people are paid daily to donate their blood because thousands of hospital patience buy blood daily across Nigeria and beyond.

And the list goes on … but let me pause here for now.

Any question, enquiry, clarity needed … ask below.

Success all the way. Get started with your choice.

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