12 Most Important Life Lessons

Before I start to list some points called lessons about life.
I agree with you that we should pause and ask ourselves first – what exactly is Life?

The reality is that Life cannot be caged in one single definition because it has differed meaning in the eyes of different people. No clear-cut definition for life and there will be none. A philosopher will say life is about happiness, for many life is all about love, some life is about religious practices and few, life is about financial freedom and the list goes on.

So, therefore, time and all around us has proven that “the meaning of Life is that which we choose to give it.”

Whatever your definition of life is, be it career success, help to the needy, fame, power, wealth, peace, love, freedom, empathy – whatever gives you that feeling and joy of accomplishment – these lessons are generally applicable for all of us. Let’s roll.

Life Lesson 1
Everyone’s Journey is Different
The best way I can explain this is that – Life is our exam, but we all have different question paper. So, copying and pasting another man’s answer will lead to failure. You can not work your life base on another person’s timing. We all have ours. Stay true to yours. We will all get there, regardless of what time we arrive.

Life Lesson 2
Opinions Don’t Define Your Reality
People will always have something to say about you – base on how they feel, or how you treated them. But hold on to this, other people’s opinion about you does not define your reality. Your reality is what you call it to be not what friends or family feel it is. So, own it.

Life Lesson 3
The Past Cannot Be Changed
Of course, we all know the past is behind. And we all live forward not backward. So if you are going to have any business with your past at all, it should be learning how to live in the present better in other to create a desirable future. No point crying over a lost item, move forward, live in the now. Get bigger and better things done. Massive success for the future is your greatest revenge for the past.

Life Lesson 4
Things Get Better with Time
Time is a natural healer. Just give it time. It surely will get better or maybe worse – what you do in between matters. So while you give it time, take actions in your line of expectation.

Life Lesson 5
Happiness is Found Within
External things – be it material possessions or otherwise gives you temporary happiness. As soon as you separate yourself from the item or act you are back to your initial stake. If you get drunk to override sadness… all it takes to get back is 3 hours max. But true happiness is rooted within you. Unconditional happiness is that which you tap deep inside you far from all external influence – drug, alcohol, sex, or whatever.

Life Lesson 6
What Goes Around Come Around
Of course, just as stated. Life runs in a circle. Be careful what you put out. Might be hunting you right back in the next circle. If you throw a stone in the market – watch it, might end up hitting your relative.

Life Lesson 7
Judgments are a Confession of Character
People see things not as they are but as we are. That’s why everything – issues and people look like a nail to a man with a hammer. And guess what things look like to a man with a gun – your guess is mine.
Strive for a great judgement of character. Develop your mental ability to understand situations better, before forming an opinion and reaching your decision.

Life Lesson 8
Positive Thoughts Create Positive Things
Or I can as well say, positive thoughts creates positive life.
We live in a universe where our thought become things. Our world is pre-created by world thoughts. So, if you occupy your mind with negativity and fears of what you don’t want – you are building a foundation for fearful and negative events to take over your life. Be positive always by all cost.

Life Lesson 9
You Fail Only If You Quit
We live in a society where failure has been misinterpreted. Failure is not in failing, failure is in quitting when you fail. Failure is a passage to access success. No one on earth succeeds without failing first. But no one also succeeds if they quit because they fail.

Life Lesson 10
Smiles are Contagious
The best way to explain this lies in the practical. So, look at anyone around you now – stranger or otherwise. Genuinely smile at that person – be real, not some kind of suspecting-smile. You will simply get one back. Try it out and comment below what you got back.

Life Lesson 11
Kindness is Free
Try a little kindness. Aside that it’s free, it does not hurt. It’s priceless to receive. Your giving it easily makes you a candidate to receive. Give a part of you.

Life Lesson 12
Overthinking Will Lead to Sadness
Thinking is a virtue, but overthinking is a vice. Thinking is good in itself, but overthinking is a toxic habit that can cause serious damage far beyond sadness. So, think but don’t stretch it.

My top 12 life lessons up there. Let me read from you in case there is one or two not mentioned above that has kept you going. Please share below with fellow readers.

Let’s rock the new year in grand style together.

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