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With SQUID GAME talks all over the place, I have to personally jump on the series and see what’s going on despite my choked time. And to my surprise, the movie is quite loaded with several valuable life lessons with crazy twisted plots and fascinating characters.

Squid Game is still on the rise and going strong gaining global recognition like no other tv show with its original premise and lethal children’s games. The several life lessons I found valuable compelled me to share with you but heads up there’s definitely a few spoilers coming so if you haven’t watched it yet but you plan on it don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Below are 10 life lessons I learnt from watching Squid Game.

1) When Rich People Have Too Much Money They Get Bored.

Larry Ellison once said in an interview that he’s kind of bored and there’s nothing left for him to buy. He’s splurged on jets yachts, sports teams, thousands of art pieces, plenty of real estate all over the world including houses, buildings, palaces, doomsday bunkers and even entire islands.

In this show when you combine money, affluence and a total disregard for human lives you get a threatening survival competition. The squid game, here a bunch of rich people decided to kill their boredom by taking it to the next level and playing god with the lives of thousands of people without any shred of accountability for their actions it’s all an allegory for modern capitalist society thankfully the real event isn’t as violent.

2) The Choices We Make In Life Determine Our Future.

Red lights stop, Green lights go. Mechanic blue color, Ceo white collar.

Single life; freedom, boredom, and independence.
Relationship life; love, companion, and commitment.

Every single day we make life-altering choices whether we’re aware of them or not and all of the squid game participants make one such choice the moment they agree to play the Dakchi game with the mysterious handsome stranger.

Red tile Guard, Blue tile Player.

None of them knew what they were getting themselves into but they would soon find out that their greed and desperation sentenced them to a life-threatening game.

Every choice is important never forget that.

3) Slow Down

We can all agree on one thing, constantly rushing through life isn’t an effective way to live.
In the squid game, this analogy is made crushingly clear as player after player pays the ultimate price for rushing ahead.

The first game of red light, green light proved this right from the start.

Proceed with caution if you want to outlast and most importantly don’t panic.
As soon as the first player missteps and experiences the consequence, players begin to panic and even more lives are lost in the chaos.

Slowing down and keeping your cool can get you a lot further than you think.

4) Kindness Comes Back To You

Within the show is a strong focus on the importance of being kind to each other, no matter what state you’re in or what status. They may or may not have, Gi Hoon treats the old man Ilnam with kindness including him in the games and acknowledging him even though he didn’t seem to like Biak at first.

Gee Hun still offered her kindness when it mattered, his outlook of seeing these characters as friends first before competition is a light of hope in an otherwise dark drama they’re all trapped in.

The kindness pays off like kindness always does and it finds a way to bless the giver even more.

5) Brains Can Be Better Asset Than Brawns When Put To Good Use

Physical strength is nothing without strategy.

In the tug of war game Gihon’s team is unequally paired with a team of strong young men despite being outmatched, his team manages to work out two ways to trip up their opponents during the game.

Strategy and teamwork won the game not just strength.

6) Be Careful Who You Trust

Ali was proof that only being nice won’t get you very far in life.
That’s the way human nature works.

Of all the treachery and betrayal that happens in Squid Game, disgraced banker Cho Seng wu’s betrayal of Ali the Pakistani worker was the most gut-wrenching.

We have to remember that some people will exploit your kindness for their own selfish reasons just because they can. Unfortunately, the world is full of people like this, that’s why it’s so important to be a source of good in the world and the best way to do that is to strive for Personal Growth.

Learn what’s holding you back by signing up for a Personal Development Session with me.
And unlearn the beliefs that keep you from growing.

7) The Yin Yang Factor in Anchient Chineses Philosophy

The Yin Yang is a concept of dualism of how opposite forces are interconnected and interdependent in the natural world and in us humans.

As you guessed it, we have this dualism in the show as well.

We have balance;

We have the bad in the good;

We have the good in the bad;

We have the good;

We have the bad;

… and if annoying was a human; we have Han mino

8) Greed and Desperation Brings Out the Worst in People

The slow burn of Sangmu’s vicious side shows the worst side of us, the side that greed and desperation reveal. He pushes fellow players to their death in the penultimate game before the final game begins.

He murders the injured and defenseless Cebiac even Gihon is tempted to set aside his morals in his desperation. He makes use of ill illnom’s unfortunate memory loss to trick him to win their game of marbles.

It’s easy to think you’ll never have to compromise your morals like this but the only surefire way to avoid it is to ensure you don’t expose yourself to such a desperate situation by making sure your wealth and health are secure.

9) Don’t Lose Hope In Humanity

Overall the inhumanity on display in the series is hard to stomach and still walk away feeling hopeful for anything but if you think about it, the final confrontation between Ilnam and Gihon can inspire some hope for humankind. The two make one last wager.

Will someone come to save a homeless man freezing on the street before midnight? Hope is restored when people do come to help the man, showing Gihon that there is good left in the world in turn this inspires him to fulfill his promise to look after his friends families and take down the game.

Life can seem really harsh but there’s always a reason for hope, sometimes it just requires a shift in perspective. If you can see the light.

10) After You Win Your Current Game in Life, You Can Alter The Future and Choose a New Path

If you remember Song Kihun dyed his hair red at the end of the season making a statement that his eyes were open and he was ready to take responsibility for his life and choices.

Red is a power play in korea, a masculine dominant color and if you’re associated with this color it sends a message that you mean business and you’re one badass whether you signal it loud and proud about your new path or are keeping your cards close to the chest.
You’re the one calling the shots.

In life, always pick your path wisely.

And that will be a wrap on SQUID GAME most valuable life lessons but there are definitely more and I’m hoping you could help with that!

What valuable lessons did you pick up from the show?
Did anything really make you think long and hard about life?

Share in the comments below and I’ll be right there with you.

Since you are still here reading …

An extra lesson is that addiction is real.

One thing all the squid game players had in common is that they are heavily debt ridden.

Addiction has real consequences and Gi hoon is paying the price for his gambling addiction, he’s in debt and virtually estranged from his child and unable to help his sick mother. His only option is to put his life on the line and try to win some money by joining the game.

He’s in such a bad place that even after the first game ends in a massacre, he’s still forced to return trying to win the money.

Addiction is something that can be easily shrugged off or misunderstood but in reality, it’s something that should always be taken seriously. There’s no shame in seeking help or treatment in fact it shows nothing but pure strength.

Take care of yourself and those you love Jumobites.
Talk to you soon.

Your GP,

PS: Pay attention to your FINANCES.
Lack of money was the dominant factor that forces all the players in Squid Game into the deadly game. If you don’t pay attention to your finance, money matters can drag you into situations you don’t plan to be in.

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And if you got it already … GO AND REAT IT!
Don’t procrastinate so you don’t end up in a SQUID GAME of your own doings.


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